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Report Date: July 20, 2020

COVID Update from Nguluni

providing assistanceReceive our greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. We are fine and trusting God and standing on His promises. Psalm 91 has been our prayer chapter.

We have been going through many challenges but God has been faithful. This month of July the climate is cool with no floods in our county but the number of COVID-19 cases tested positive is going higher daily.

In Kenya we have 7,000+ confirmed cases with over 150 who have succumbed. Due to the economy crisis the government has decided to remove the partial lockdown despite the number of positive cases increasing daily. 

We thank you for your love and support given to us. We acknowledge receipt of US$1,500 from BHW with thanks. This has been a great relief to us.  

grateful for assistanceNguluni Community

We sincerely thank BHW for the support. We allocated $115 to assist eight families most affected and donate food and clothes. The eight families were two widows, two visually impaired, one mother of twins whose husband lost his job, and three families most affected by the flood. This was indeed a great relief. 

Nguluni Countryside School

The school is still closed until next year 2021. We thank you for your support. We allocated $500  to the school for the salary of the school security guard, caretaker and the person working in the greenhouse.

The rest of the staff are not paid yet due to the current situation.  


We planted tomatoes and maize but due to the floods the soil was not favorable to tomatoes but the maize is doing well and we are harvesting this month. We will be able to pay the security guard and the one working in the greenhouse.

registered nowPONA Clinic

We thank God for His gace. The clinic now has a licence from the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board to operate as a health center level 3A, this was one of NHIF requirements. We are also in the process of registering the laboratory facility with the Kenya Laboratory Board for approval to complete the requirements of the Ministry of Health. We hope this will go through since we have essential lab equipment.

We thank BHW for always standing with us with prayer and financial support. We allocated $750 to the clinic. $100 was used to pay for medications and $650 to purchase PPE and Lab reagents.

The monthly income from the clinic was used to pay staff salaries and food for the patients.


Current Issues and Challenges

very expensive1) The price of personal protective equipment (PPE) is still high and we spend $460/month for this equipment.

2)  The number of COVID-19 patients is increasing now in our sub-county Matungulu. We have lost one patient and even in our town one patient has tested positive for COVID-19 and more than 120  medical personnel are infected already.

3) We still have a bill of $650 for meds not yet cleared. 

4) The monthly income from the clinic has decreased and is not enough for it to be self-sustainable. Due to this COVID-19 crisis some patients are not able to to pay for their treatment. 


Prayer and Praise Points

Kindly your prayer and support for us front line soldiers (medical personnel) is always appreciated. May God protect us as we serve the community.


very grateful

 very gratefulvery grateful








We are grateful for partnership with Bright Hope World. Your prayer and support is always appreciated. 

May God bless you all.

Isaac Basegere
For Nguluni Committee