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Report Date: May 5, 2015

Updates from our Partners in Nepal


From Niranjin Adhikary : 2nd May (NEP02)

not much leftThank you so much for your financial help. We are going to send some food, medicines, tripals (for shelter) and clothes to Nuwakot soon. I have received a call from a pastor there this morning. According to him about 45 families became homeless in his village and a church building completely collapsed. 

I would like to let you know about our involvement right now in this hour of national disaster. We are still being involved to save people’s lives and properties and still providing people some shelter and basic food in three different parts of the city. We never say “we are doing a lot”, but I would say “our small efforts are great”. Everything could not be nothing leftcaptured in photos because we feel that this is a very sensitive time for us so we don’t have any intention to publicize our works here now.  

We are still thankful to our God for all Nepalese who are still safe and to you all who express your deepest sympathy to us who have lost our people in the earthquake. We do now pray for the quick recovery of the injured people affected by this terrible tragedy. Today we are working in Bhaktapur and Patan (see photos). 

From Niranjin Adhikary : 4th May 

I would like to update our works here.  Two of our churches at Galandi, Nuwakot completely collapsed and more than 55 families with 330 members became homeless. There is no road, electricity and other facilities. They haven’t got any relief materials from our government yet but our government is trying their best to distribute relief materials by mobilising their local authorities.

heavy to carryWe have arranged 5,000kgs rice, 3,500kgs beaten rice, 200 litres oil, 60kgs salt, 200kgs soybean, Tripals (shelter), sanitary materials and some medicines for them in the first phase. As you know people often want more than they need at this period, we want to provide them only basic needs for a certain period. These materials are being sent to them through our volunteers (believers). They are carrying them on their back because there is no road. 

I personally feel that we need to take initiative to create some sustainable work for them or to give them a good idea of how to start some work. None of us or our government can support them always.

Thank you brothers and sisters for being a part of our work here.


From Nabin Darlami : 28th April (NEP03)

Thank you for your care. We as a family are safe. The earthquake appeared as strong shakes to our home. We ran away into open land area many times when earthquakes came from time to time. Children cried with fear but God kept us in safety.

Many buildings and temples are cracked and destroyed. I have a friend from Gorkha District who lives in Surkhet, his family members are safe but in his village there are 800 houses/buildings and only three houses are left, all the other houses are destroyed. It is a remote and hilly village and it is a far distance from Gorkha bazaar. Nobody is reaching there to rescue them nor are any media reaching.

Barpak village was the epicenter of the earthquake according to news.  It takes a week's journey from center place of Gorkha bazaar. Helicopters are trying to go there but not getting success yet to land because of earthquakes. No living people can be seen there. Earthquake shaking effects and landslides are continuing there. 

My youngest sister has been in Kathmandu for two weeks to study about community development course. She has been on the road since Saturday afternoon. Today is passing three days and three nights. They are not sleeping nor are there eating environments so she is taking hurry. I am encouraging her by phone since Monday. We were not able to communicate for two days because of phone and internet failure but now it is working.

The pastor and all the congregation of one church in Kathmandu are under the destroyed building and no-one is reaching there because they are busy for the major part of relief. Some Christian guys have starting digging since yesterday. Thousands of dead bodies are there and there is a bad smell covering many places. There are no chances to run funeral services nor easy to use fire to cremate dead bodies.

We cannot say many things at this time. We cannot measure about this event. We have not any idea about this event but we are in challenge to serve and to show the love of God. I am making plans to visit in different places from tomorrow. I will share other activities after some days. We are continuing to pray for our neighbors. I am so much thanking you for keeping on praying for we Nepalese. Different countries and friends are starting to send their help through their contact channels.

Schools are stopping for a week till Friday. My children were starting to go to school but they are at home now because of common holiday. For safety people are living out of their homes. They are not sleeping. I am also so tired because of lacking of rest. 

We give praise to God for His sufficient grace. One church member has not been in contact since Saturday. We are hoping to find him. He is missing from Kavhre which is 5 hours distance by bus from Kathmandu city.

Thank you for your joining heart with us. God bless you richly.