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Report Date: October 29, 2015

Update from Nabin Darlami on Relief Efforts in Nepal


Warmest greetings from SOWERS Nepal.

Recent Events

bad situationSituational Update

As of 18th May there was a confirmed total of 4,88,789 houses destroyed and  2,67,477 damaged. The death toll has increased to 8,604 people (4,770 female and 3,834 male) both by the earthquakes on the 25th April and 12th May 2015. The total number of injured is 16,808. In Gorkha District corrugated iron sheets and other quality shelter materials are in high demand. Gorkha District Disaster Relief Committee agreed to transition from food supplement distributed assistance. 

Initial Aid

In the initial relief stage following the earthquakes the following was distributed to affected families in much neededGorkha district. In total 175 food parcels were distributed.
- Rice:  5,250 kgs  (30 kgs per family)
- Lentils: 350 kgs  (2 kgs per family)
- Salt: 350 kgs  (2 kgs per family)
- Oil: 175 ltrs  (1 ltrs per family)
- Spices: 350 pkts  (2 pkts per family)
- Sugar: 350 kgs  (2 kgs per family)
- Beaten rice: 350 kgs  (2 kgs per family)

These things costs 3,58,050 (US$3,500) to buy from the market.

Districts Helped

needy communityThe total number of households requiring assistance in Gorkha District (and surrounding districts) is 5,788 households (approx. 22,000 population).

1) Gorkha District: 20 Village Development Committees (VDC's), 23 areas and 2,882 households 
2) Dhading District: 5 VDC's, 7 areas and 1,711 households 
3) Nuwakot District: 5 VDC's,  644 households 
4) Tanahun District: 2 VDC's, 23 households 
5) Lamjung District: 1 VDC, 35 households 
6) Parbat District: 1 VDC, 150 households 
7) Kaski district: 2 VDC's, 343 households 

tough timesSOWERS Nepal (SN) will be working in relation to the VDC's for future work. That gives us opportunities to share resources such as logistic and office costs. We were requested to work in these VDC's as there were no other organizations showing an interest there. It is also noticeable that many of the organizations/agencies who showed an interest in the early stages are now disappearing.

The SN leadership in the beginning made a decision that after the immediate relief work, wherever we focus will be with the intention of long-term involvement for greater impact. 

Considering factors such as remoteness, damage and the status of people, the SN leadership has decided to provide ongoing assistance to Shreenathkot and Baluwa, VDC's of Gorkha district. A brief introduction of the VDC's are below:

tough timesPachkhuwa Deurali & Shreenathkot VDC's, Gorkha
• There are 850 - 900 households in Pachkhuwa Deurali VDC, Baluwa village according to the secretary
• Approximate population now 4,500
• Loss/damage above 90%
• 9 schools with approx 875 students 
• 1 sub-health post which is totally damaged
• 5-7 hours walk from the nearest sealed road but there is a rough road connecting the VDC
• The ethnicities include Gurung, Magar, Rai and Brahmin, and religions include Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and others 


Focus for the Next 5 Months

much needed1) Provision of students’ stationery materials to some 900 students. This is being prepared and will be provided in a week's time. 
2) Provision of GI (tin) sheets for 900 households. There is a standard fixed – 2 bundles (16 sheets of 9 feet long) 
3) Provision of food and non food items now as well as it is maize harvesting time in Nepal
4) Helping with rehabilitation of water sources if damaged and rehabilitation of the sub-health post. This includes distribution of the water filter kits as necessary.
5) Support to mitigate the perceived disaster risk
6) Supporting livestock and agriculture recovery and management

grateful for food 

Prayer and Praise Points

1) Pray for God’s wisdom as there are many challenges to face on the road ahead
2) Pray for the resources that are needed to achieve our ongoing goals
3) Pray for those who have been generously giving for this work



very gratefulThank you again for your prayers, support and the hard work of many of you around the world in raising funds for the immediate relief work which resulted in a great encouragement. It would be our humble request for your continued prayers and support. 

You have encouraged us and we feel good over what God has been doing and the privilege of being a part of His worldwide family. What a journey together! We also pray that you all have peace in mind, rest and can rejoice over His work. May our God be glorified. 


Nabin Darlami
For SOWERS Nepal