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Report Date: February 2, 2018

Update from Kutwanana Home Based Care 

enjoying a meal

Recent Events


In 2017 Bright Hope World financially supported 86 children and young people with their education requirements. Of this number, 70 children were in primary school, eight were in high school, three at technical college and five at university. 

In 2018 there will be three more students finish high school and commence university or technical college and the number of students at high school will also increase when those who were in Grade 7 in 2017 go up to Grade 8. 

Mission Centre

passionateThank you for your prayers and practical support. Feeding and sending to school the less privileged children continues. The teenagers are being caught up with the gospel and committing their lives to the Lord. Amazingly the young souls are in love with the word of God and prayer meetings. 

We will be having big meetings during the Passover meetings on Friday and Saturday morning, 30th and 31st March. We are expecting more than 200 teenagers. Thank you for praying, we cannot underestimate what God is able to do as we trust Him. 

Sunday School Teacher’s Seminar

We have been conducting Sunday school teacher’s seminars since June last year and we intend to have more this year. Many church groups are very interested in the hora biblica (bes). The material is very much appreciated and we thank God that the scriptures are in the hands of children as well.


Personal Stories

Armando Castigo

civil engineering studentMy name is Armando Castigo and I am 23 years old. I am a Civil Engineering student doing my final year. In 2019 I will be doing practical and if God willing start working. 

I come from a family which is deeply involved in diabolical spiritualism, my father being the head of the family gave no chance for any member of the family to come out of demonic power. The Brethren church is less than 50 metres from my house. One day I decided to disobey my father and go to church. That was in 2010. I heard the gospel and accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Saviour.

I became a Christian in 2010 when I was doing my 10th class (high school). It was in the same year I started going to the Christian Brethren church against my father's belief. In 2014 I was accepted at university. Going against my father meant no financial support and it was at that time the orphan/less privileged program came in to help. My young brothers and sisters have started going to church, I’m praying for my father and my mother.   

I want to thank God for the help I have received from the project (church), for my salvation and finances for my studies since I entered university. I do not have much to say just to thank the brothers for love and care that has shown in my life. 

very grateful


Delson Amade

I am Delson Amade, 24 years old. I live in Maputo with my parents and am doing the fourth and last year at university in Public Administration course. Being brought up in poor family meant that without the orphan project finishing university would have been almost impossible. 

Five years ago I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. It was in the summer of 2013 when I began attending the Christian Brethren Church. One Sunday morning I had the opportunity to hear the good news being preached and I gave my life to Jesus. I have had many challenges, one of them was acceptance by my family who are Roman Catholic. Today I’m involved with young people, I teach Sunday School and prison ministry.

Thank you for supporting us. 

dreams for future




Alberto Magaia

I am Alberto Magaia, 25 years old. I have been on the Kutwanana program since grade one. I am a Christian. I finished grade 12 in 2017. My dream is to do accounting and work at a bank, if God opens the door and conditions for such are made. I live with my mother and my two younger brothers. Thank you for helping me.






future accountantHélder Celestino Andissene Pedro

My name is Hélder Celestino Andissene Pedro. I am 24 years old. I am a Mozambican living in Maputo. I’m doing accounting at a private school with the help of Kutwanana project.

I became a Christian at the Evangelical Church of Christian Brethren in Mozambique. I teach Sunday school children from 8 to 11 years of age. It is good to be able to contribute to the spiritual life of these children. I am also involved in prison ministry.

Thank you for help - you have made who I am now.


full time pastorsPlans for the Future

Mobile Discipleship September 2018
We are putting together a team of full time National Leaders (pastors) to be involved in Mobile Discipleship as the Lord leads. Please pray with us for the project to take off in June.    


Prayer Points

1) For the salvation of many young people at the big meetings on 30th and 31st March. Govender from South Africa will be speaking.
2) That the children’s work will continue to grow.
3) That the Mobile Discipleship will take off in June 



Thank you for your support, may God richly bless you. 


Yours in Christ Jesus

Patrick Mulenga