Bolivia, South America

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Report Date: April 28, 2016

Email from Octavio


Dear BHW team,

After greeting you in the name of our dear saviour, with joy in our hearts we ask the Lord that He would continue to bless your lives and the ministry that our Lord has given you.

We, once again, have to thank you for the love you have for the work of the Lord as we see the offerings of love that you send us, they help us in the work, thank you very much.

We want to say also that the Lord has continued to bless His work in the church “4th of January” here in Villamontes during the past 15 months. During this time the Lord has permitted us to have all of the meetings.

We ask your help to pray for the construction of the evangelical building, since we, thanks to the Lord, have been able to get a piece of land. Please also pray for my wife’s health, she continues with the same treatment for two years now and we are seeing an improvement thanks to God but we ask for your support in prayer with regards to this. Pray also for the ministries within the church and for the future leaders, Adan Flores, Jorge Rojas, Pedro Espinoza and Delfor Gonzales who are now collaborating with us.

Thank you very much.