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Report Date: January 13, 2015

Update from Octavio Alvarez 


Greetings to you across the seas and to all the other believers, it is our desire that you may be blessed always by the Lord. 

After our greetings we must give you many thanks for what you do for the better of the Lord’s work here in Bolivia sending us your offerings, thank you for them and also for your prayers. They are firstly a means for our sustainment. Secondly your offerings help us to get around for the Gospel, visiting our fellow believers in the countryside and to help them economically with their needs. From Villamontes we spread out in the work.


Recent Events


new startI want to share with you that the Lord has opened the door for us to be able to start a new church plant on the outskirts of Villamontes (in a neighbourhood some distance from the centre), with the help of some believers who live in that area. This new church is currently meeting in my house while we wait for the Lord to provide some land for us to construct a building where this new church can meet.

We start this year, 2015, with a new responsibility, however we are grateful to have served for 12 years in the Central City church and have seen the merciful hand of God and His blessings as we leave elders established, children’s ministries, adolescent and youth work, women’s ministry and happy hour outreach. 

new changePersonal

We have been praying lately that the Lord would permit us to purchase a house here in the city of Villamontes, and our prayers have been answered by God as we have been able to buy a house at an affordable price where I am now living with my family.


Current Issues and Challenges

I currently do 95% of the work on foot. We don’t have a vehicle to get us around from one place to another for which I ask for you prayers.


Prayer and Praise Points

teaching the childrenWe take this opportunity to ask you to pray for this new work, that the Lord would each day add new people saved through the preaching of the Gospel. At the same time we ask for prayers for the Central City church, it’s members and ministries.


Believers, thank you very much for being a huge blessing for the work of the Lord here in Bolivia. The Lord bless your lives, each one of you.

We greet you in the Lord’s name  

Octavio Alvarez and Justina Morales de Alvarez