Bolivia, South America

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Report Date: June 29, 2015

Report from BHW Sth America Partnership Facilitator Following Visit in May


Recent Events

reaching peopleSince the beginning of 2015 Octavio has started a new church plant in another suburb of Villamontes and he is excited about this opportunity. He had been working in this community for a few months building relationships with people prior to making the shift. Octavio and his wife Justina have personally moved into the community and they hold the church gatherings at their new home. There are apparently 50 young people from the area who come to a youth program that they run and about 30 adults who attend the church meeting. 

Octavio’s daughter Candi and her husband live nearby and help with the youth program.


Partnership's Influence within the Community

Because Octavio and Justina have personally moved right into the community where they are seeking to influence and reach people, they are beginning to be recognised and accepted in this community. The children’s program they are operating receives an attendance of up to 50 children on a weekly basis and as a result they are also able to begin to build relationships with the families of these children. This is a poor community and Octavio has a vision to be able to help families practically with their needs as well as with the hope of the Gospel.


Plans for the Future

heart for peopleOctavio and Justina are still very passionate to reach their community and surrounding area with the Gospel. Octavio mentioned opportunities to help poorer families within the community so we will keep in mind possibilities to work with him to engage more with practical help along with the Gospel.


Current Issues and Challenges

Octavio and Justina have a small team of believers around them assisting them in this new work. However it is a challenging work without many mature believers. It would be great for more mature believers to come alongside them and help them disciple and encourage the new believers.

For the last three years Justina has had difficulty with her health. It appears to be a respiratory allergy that she suffers from due to the very dusty nature of the air in Villamontes. Justina has been receiving some treatment from medication that a doctor has prescribed and this is apparently helping a little but not completely. This medication is quite specific and can only be obtained from a doctor in Argentina so periodically Justina must travel to see this doctor in Argentina for another appointment to renew her prescription.  


Prayer and Praise Points

1) For continued improvement in Justina’s health and also for financial provision for them to cover the medical costs
2) For mature Christians to help them with this new church plant
3) For ongoing strengthening of the relationships they are building in this new community 



Octavio and Justina are very positive and excited about this new season and the opportunity to be a light for Jesus in this new community. Octavio’s focus at the present time is to establish and grow this new church plant. His desire for the next 1-2 years is to see the church established and be well regarded within the community as a place where people can be accepted and get help if they need it. In the longer term he would like to do more evangelism out in some of the remote areas surrounding Villamontes.