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Micro-enterprise Loan Programme

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Zacharia Juma
Zacharia is married with 3 children who all go to primary school. The cost of primary school is 200 pounds ($66US) per year.

In 2002 Zacharia had a shop in the custom market in Juba but it burnt down, leaving him with nothing. So he and his family moved to the village and went digging. They farmed for three years to save up the capital to come back to town and start a business again. He says farming is a good way to start but he found it too risky with crop failure, so didnt want to keep farming.

His current business is charcoal and timber which he buys from the village and resells in town. He buys a 50kg bag for 30 pounds, spends 10 pounds on transport and 2 pounds on forest regulations. For this cost of 42 pounds he sells at wholesale for 75 pounds. For retail he sells in small kilo bags for 100 pounds per 50 kg bag, with 100 plastic bags costing him 20 pounds. So a profit of 33 to 38 pounds ($11 to $13 US) per 50 kg bag purchased. He normally brings in 75 bags at a time from the forest on a lorry.

The loan of 500 pounds ($166US) has helped him to buy more bags and increase his business so he can afford to pay for childrens school fees and the food that they eat. His wife also has a market stall helping to sell things for the family to live.

He wants to be able to take a bigger loan next time to help him expand even more after repaying the current loan.