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Report Date: February 13, 2024

Update from Touch Africa Now

empoweringTouch Africa Now is so grateful for your support of this project that is offering school children with the knowledge about menstruation, self-care habits and skills of making their own menstrual pads. 

We believe that this project will make a significant difference in the lives of girls who struggle in managing their periods and also help those who are about to start. This will enable girls to stay in school, improve their health and achieve their potential.

Touch Africa is implementing “strengthening the capacity of menstrual hygiene” project in primary schools, i.e. Peace Yumbe nursery and primary school, Nyakagando primary and nursery school, Skyview Junior School in Yumbe, Kiryandongo and Wakiso districts respectively. The project started last year with awareness created on menstruation and other body changes that happen during puberty.


Girls Empowerment Project

The project started in November 2023 and will run through to June 2024.


things to useCommunications to the selected schools for the project were made. The head teachers, teachers and pupils were informed about the project and its importance. The three schools were excited about it.

Procurement of training/learning materials

Training materials, i.e. those used in managing menstruation periods like disposable sanitary pads, tampons, cotton and gauze, reusable menstrual pads (so sure pads) and others (toilet paper, newspapers and paper from books as identified by children) were procured.


visiting schoolsChildren from 9 years old and above, along with their teachers, were taught about puberty and growing up, menstruation (how, why, and when it happens) and self-care habits during their periods.

Boys were urged not to bully or discriminate girls but instead respect and care for them like their sisters.

Parents and guardians of Peace Yumbe primary and nursery schools too were encouraged to get involved by having conversations with their daughters regarding menstruation. 


visiting schoolsIn February 2024, TAN team accompanied the above with more sensitization, counseling and guidance to make sure girls understand more regarding the materials they use during menstruation.

Most girls do not know the right materials to use in managing their menstruation periods. Most use old dirty rags, paper from their books, toilet paper, newspapers, and leaves from the bush and store bought sanitary pads (only a few girls).

Experimental tests were done on the materials used so that girls choose the right sanitary pads that don’t leak, are comfortable, not harmful to the environment, cost and health friendly.


visiting schoolsPlans for the Future

1) Conduct hands-on trainings on making reusable menstrual pads. Children and teachers will be taught to cut fabric, join and stitch the different parts to make reusable menstrual pads.

2) Create school clubs that are to continue promoting awareness on menstruation.



 Thank you so much. God bless you.