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Report Date: February 2, 2024

Update from Efrain July - December 2023

Dear brothers, it is always a pleasure to share with you what has happened in these months.

Recent Events


special timeIn the month of July, we were able to travel to Tarija, enjoying visiting family. We celebrated Josías' 4th birthday in Villamontes, where we went fishing as a family which was a nice time. We then travelled to the city of Tarija where we visited the paleontological museum and took the opportunity to talk with our children about the creation of dinosaurs. They had some interesting questions, and we are glad that they can understand the evidence that they represent to the Biblical story.

joining other believersDuring those dates, a Bible conference was held in the church on Bolívar Street, and we were able to enjoy that alongside the brothers from the churches of Tarija.

We saw a small but beautiful farm, with various animals, and Josías took the opportunity to blow out his candle once again.

Afterwards we returned to Camiri to change luggage and go to Cochabamba to give a course on Tito's letter to students of a discipleship program, most of them young singles and a couple. We were welcomed by a very friendly family, and we enjoyed the days we were there. We also liked the dedication of the students and those in charge of the course.

enjoying food togetherIn the youth ministry that we support in Camiri, we had several activities, meetings in the houses to eat together, and also celebrating friendship day. This year a ministry began to reach university students with the gospel. There are three young people from our church who are supporting that, and several university students visited us in different meetings and activities. The gospel was shared with them on several occasions, and we pray for fruit in this ministry. 


In the month of August, I went to San Pedro, north of the city of Santa Cruz, to share the encouraging othersWord at the church conference in that place. I was with the young people and attended an evangelism meeting with everyone. It was a nice time. Brothers from many places come together to edify each other and enjoy fellowship.

I also had the pleasure of participating in the first meeting of workers at the national level, held in Cochabamba in the month of August, where I heard the testimony of many brother workers in Bolivia.

studentsAt the Bible Faculty we were also very busy collaborating with the preparation of the trip that the students take. Janeth helps with the preparation of lessons and materials that the students will use during the trip, I help with the organization and with the audio recording for the dramas or presentations that the students make. This year I had to disassemble the sound mixer because there was a strange noise but thank God the problem was corrected.

During the Bible Faculty trip we visited a cattle station in Campo León, and we had a youth meeting in a large church where the majority spoke German and also Spanish. On Sunday we shared in another local church. It was an experience that we hope has awakened the vision in young people regarding work and ministry.

sharing the gospelMost of the week of travel we were near Roboré, visiting schools in places like Chochis, Aguas Calientes, San José and Santiago de Chiquitos. In the schools they gave us space to present a drama and then share literature and the gospel. We also shared in the church meetings in Roboré, the brothers hosted us with great affection.

At the end of the trip, we were in Santa Cruz, supporting the work in two churches. The students showed a good spirit of service throughout this time, and we hope that they maintain the spirit of serving the Lord and the brothers in the different opportunities that arise.



completed courseWe thank the Lord for our daughters and for Josías who accompany us in the ministry, they adapt to travel, movement, sometimes discomfort, heat, etc. Misiel completed a course at the Emmaus school, in her class. This year Misiel and Abigail began to learn to play guitar. Misiel is already playing some songs and we hope that this learning will be another tool that can be used for the glory of the Lord. They are entering adolescence, and we ask for your support in prayer so that, as parents, we know how to guide them in the path of the Lord at this stage of their lives.


Technical School (BLV03)

new skills In the Technical School there was good progress. We have the support of a teacher in the subject of Motorcycle Engines, and I am glad that he knows how to explain and make the students like it. This teacher taught during the preparation and trip to the Bible Faculty and that left me time to help the students of the Bible Faculty.

Nine students finished the technical school as two of the 11 who started the second semester dropped out. We ask for your support in prayer for this year's group as some of the young people are struggling with addiction and other difficulties, that the gospel communicated may bring them to faith in the Lord Jesus.

Some students from last year came to visit the school looking for advice and also help in some repairs they are doing. Some of them have continued their studies in the city of Santa Cruz, and we are happy that the school is a good reference in their training.

During the trip to Tarija, the Suzuki's engine began to heat up. The thermostat began to fail so I had to remove it. In the future it needs a radiator replacement and an engine repair, but we are very grateful for how useful it is.


Prayer and Praise Points

special family1) For the technical school in 2024
2) For the school education of our children, we need to define the school where they will study.
3) For wisdom to guide our daughters who are entering adolescence and Josías who is restless at 4 years old.
4) For our ministry at Biblical Faculty in 2024
5) For the ministries we carry out in the local church
6) For the church in Santa Rosa, to consolidate leadership
7) Abigail's medical examinations which must be carried out in Salta in the first months of 2024
8) For repairs to the vehicle and the house where we live


We thank the Lord for the support and prayers that support us.