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Report Date: December 20, 2023

Update from Cristina Castillo

It is a joy to share with you what God is doing in the work.

Recent Events


building relationshipsI went to the community of Aoti with sister Antonia Yalta and arrived for the anniversary. Thank God we were able to support by preparing food (chicken pachamanca) for those who visited us, and participating in a parade where the church was involved.

Then, I had the opportunity to share the Word with the children through Bible stories. The teacher is the one who supports me with the interpretation so that they can learn the Bible in their own language.

The Lord blessed us by bringing more and more children to Sunday school, which made us feel very joyful, but at the same time challenged us because due to the lack of teachers, children of all ages are in one room. 

Visiting the Sick

blessing othersEva is an old woman who cannot walk. Antonia and I visited her to do devotionals at her home. We had time for meditation on the Word and praise.

One time we sang "Jehovah shepherds me" and she raised her hands in joy. She also told us that she wants to learn more about the Bible. God allows us to see these situations that move us and fill us with joy and strength to continue bringing the Gospel into these lives.

Hermelinda is a very delicate person of health. She cannot walk, and her joints hurt. We were able to share vitamins and collagen with her because the Lord allowed us to see that she needs it more than we do. We know that our Father is faithful and will continue to meet our every need.

A few Sundays later, we saw these two women arrive at the prayer service. Glory to God for it.

As an additional detail, we show movies for children and adults on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Pomporito Native Community

very poorIn the image on the right, you can see the children of this community, many of them do not have shoes and when it rains it is very difficult for them to get to school. The Lord gave us the opportunity to visit this community accompanied by the head of the Federation and Pastor Victor. Both children and adults were able to hear lessons about "The Word of God as a source of authority". We hope that it will be the Bible impacting and transforming their lives.

The opportunities continued to increase, and the leader invited us to stay with them to disciple them. We thank God because He is so good that He allows us to continue entering the communities with the Gospel, the only thing that can save these souls.

Visit to Professor Celso 

not easyProfessor Celso has cirrhosis but people in the community think it is witchcraft, even though he already has the diagnosis. These communities in the jungle are animists, let us pray that the Lord will change their hearts.

When we went to visit the professor, sister Antonia introduced him to the gospel. He received Christ as his Savior, and then joined in the praises. We must remain constant in order to watch over this new life that has just been born.

One of the difficulties we had these days was transportation to go to the community of Pomporito, because the fare is high enough to go once a week.


fun timePrayer and Praise Points

1) May God help me and guide me with an allergist because for some time now I have allergies and a dry cough that gets worse every day.

2) May God provide more Sunday school teachers because there are many children waiting for someone to carry the message of love.

3) May God, in His sovereign will, bring complete healing to the life of Professor Celsus.



Thank you very much for going with me to the jungle with your prayers and offerings, without it I could not move forward. May God give you back a hundred percent of them.