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Report Date: June 15, 2023

Report from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitator

Key Person: Isaac Basegere

Recent Events


Isaac has reported that all of their children are doing well and that they are all in good health. They have not had any major illnesses except one boy James who broke his arm. He has been treated and now is doing well.

They currently have 18 children who are supported within the home. Some of the children here have now completed their high school studies and one has now joined college for further education. 

Last year ended well although was full of challenges. The pandemic was still around which affected a lot of projects and activities nationwide. Despite the development of the vaccines, the virus continued to spread and mutate. Children were particularly affected since schools would open and close in an untimely fashion. The children’s education was disrupted through this time, but Isaac has said he praises God that they were able to move through that time together. 


change in plansPersonal Stories

They had two students complete secondary school last year.  One of them, Nancy, unfortunately didn’t qualify for nursing school due to her biology marks but has since joined teacher’s college to pursue a diploma in education. The training will take two and a half years. She is a devoted young girl who is involved in various church activities including choir and Sunday School. She will be helpful for their school and community. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

All of the children living at Forward Green Hostel are from poor families in the community who are exposed to neglect and violence and are vulnerable to abuse. A number of them are orphans. The team at Forward Green have brought them in and continue to encourage and guide them in their lives and studies so they have better opportunities. 


Current Issues and Challenges

School Fees: The Forward Green students have large balance of fees due at Nguluni Countryside School. 

Food: Feeding the children has been a challenge since food prices have continued to increase.

Climate Change: Due to changing climate conditions the crops have not done as well as previous years. 

Further Education: They still have the challenge of finding funds for their children to continue into higher education. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Last year some of the children graduated from their primary school and joined secondary school. All of them passed their exams.

2) Praise God that Robert can now see clearly after the cataracts were successfully removed from his eyes. 

3) They would also like to praise God for Isaac, the boy who had been suffering with a chronic ear problem. They were able to purchase hearing aids and he is now able to hear well. He is very happy and performing excellently in school. He would like to become a doctor and hopes that he can get the marks required. 

4) Pray for Nancy’s tuition fees to be met.

5) Pray for God’s provision for Forward Green and for the children to attend further education at university. 



We need to review their budget as the original agreement was that Bright Hope World would continue funding the existing students until they finished their education and therefore the amount we send would continue to decline. From what I understand they simply continue to bring in new children and use the funds in a bit of a pool which wasn't what was agreed upon. 

During our September trip we will clarify this with Isaac and confirm a new budget and a plan.