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Report Date: May 27, 2021

Update from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitator

Key People: Robert and Therese

Recent Events

It has now been over a year since the first case of COVID-19 in Kenya. The pandemic has had a detrimental impact on our partners and as a result it has been a difficult year. In March 2020 schools were closed across the country which meant that school fees were no longer being paid. This in turn meant that Nguluni school (KEN03a) was unable to pay the staff their wages. Isaac made a request to Bright Hope to bring forward the Forward Green Hostel student support payments so they could use these to pay the teachers. This was approved and made a difference to the livelihoods of the staff through the initial stages of the pandemic. 

Kenya also went through locust outbreaks and severe flooding around this time. This destroyed crops and largely impacted food prices. 

The students who are supported through this project and board at Forward Green were enforced to stay at the home and continue their education from home which was difficult as technology and good internet are required to do this successfully. Food became scarce also and the Bright Hope  World COVID Relief Appeal was able to provide US$500 towards this. 

Despite the pandemic two of the students this project supports were able to sit their KCPE (Kenya Certificate Primary Examination) and did well. John received 350/500 marks and Francis received 287/500 marks so both passed. 

Kenya has recently had a third wave of COVID-19 and Machakos is one of the counties under another lock-down which has restricted movement and made things very difficult again. 

Isaac, who is our main point of contact for this project, lost both his parents and his brother and was unable to attend his father and brother's funerals due to the pandemic. This was a very difficult time for him. He is an incredible man of God and despite everything he and his wife have decided to stay in Kenya and continue their ministry (Isaac is from DRC). 



Robert emailed us in April 2020:
“Thank you for your prayers and concern. We have suddenly been reduced to nothing. The schools are closed, churches, etc. We had no budget for the boarders, neither did we imagine all of us forced to stay indoors. So we are asking all to step in and help. Food is major. Our children in the home are below 20, however we take care of others known to us as vulnerable and with no one around them."

After the Bright Hope World Appeal donated US$500 to Forward Green Robert emailed the following update:
"We send our love and much appreciation for the gift of $500. Our children have a reason to smile. We have now Chapatis, Ugali and mukimwo (Kikuyu dish)."


Current Issues and Challenges

The main issue the students face currently is the pandemic and the lockdowns. Their schooling has been disrupted and they don’t have the same access to the technology that is needed for successful at-home learning. 


Prayer and Praise Points

Praise God that all the students are well and healthy and were able to continue their education to some degree.

Praise God that Isaac has committed to serving in Kenya and can continue the work he is doing in the Ponu clinic and supporting the school.

Pray for good health, protection and wisdom for Isaac and his family.

Pray for the six students being supported through this partnership. Prayer is needed for their education and their overall wellbeing; physical, mental and spiritual.

Pray for Kenya as a nation, that they would be able to get coronavirus under control and the hardship they are facing would not break them but strengthen and unite them and that they would draw nearer to God.