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PAK09b - Women's Sewing Empowerment Youhanabad: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: June 6, 2023

Report from BHW Partnership Facilitator Following Visit

Key person: Edward Qasar 

Recent Events


making a differenceBHW has been funding sewing programmes in the Youhanabad area since 2018. In September 2022 Edward asked BHW to approve four more courses in Youhanabad over the course of the following two years. This was approved and the funds for the first course were sent in November 2022. 

A course was commenced in November and was completed in May 2023. In March 2023 a team of four people from BHW visited the partnership and spent some time with the women who were being trained.

Funds for the second course are due to be sent in May 2023.  

Sewing Programme

very prourWe spent an hour with the women in the sewing programme. They demonstrated their skills, having been involved for 5-months. There was a lot of joy in the room as they showed their sewing and the various garments they were making. Most of them were wearing clothes they had sewn themselves and were very proud as they told us their stories. 

The location is about a 10-minute walk from the house of Edward and Shakila. It is in a building in which they have started an informal school for young children. The school operates in the morning and in the afternoon and evening the sewing course is held. There were 12 women in the course. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

very proudThe women in the course were very positive and said that there were many other people in the community who want to participate in the programme. Several people attended the meeting, some of them community leaders and they were very appreciative of the programme. Several church leaders have other people wanting to attend. 

The women talked about the change they had seen in the family life of other people who had attended earlier programmes. Most the previous women were able to earn some income from sewing at home and several had obtained employment at local factories. Some of the women in this programme were already earning income and making savings in their homes by sewing for their families. 


new skillsPlans for the Future

The plan is to commence the second course in June 2023. The participants for this have been selected. At the completion of the second course the others will be run. 


Current Issues and Challenges

The cost of everything in this area is increasing rapidly. Machines, materials and utilities are all affected. 


Prayer and Praise Points

making a difference1) The programmes are still going well and making a difference in the lives of those attending. 

2) That several more girls have been equipped with skills and that these women will be able to maximise their learning in terms of helping their families. 

3) That this programme will continue to build good bridges into the community between people of different faiths. 

4) That the Christian women will be able to share and demonstrate their faith to their non-Christian friends. 


new skills nowComments

Edward seems to run good courses. There are opportunities for employment after the completion of the course as there are several factories in close proximity. Edward’s father has a good relationship with one of the factory owners and has been able to help several girls gain employment. 

We should continue funding these programmes. There are thousands of women in Youhanabad who could benefit from them.