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Report Date: January 16, 2023

Update from Prasert

changing how things are doneRecent Events

Christmas Outreach Program

After COVID-19 came to the world, things will never be the same. For our Christmas outreach program we had to let the children and families take turns to come and listen to the story. We had to repeat the program several times. We tried to do our program at the house, but we cannot continue our regular program like we used to because of the COVID situation. 


changing how things are done

changing how things are donechanging how things are done








providing better foodHome Visits

We do visits to the children and families at home, and they can walk to our house when they need things for their study online. The children have studied online for a whole year now and we don't know when the House can open. While visiting the children at their houses, we find out the children stay home, study online and have instant noodles all the time, which is not that healthy, so we raised funds for a lunch project which started this month once a week. 


We also provided survival bags for the children and families several times last year and we will do this year too. We also often make some herb juice to give to people in the community too.

still meetingEven though we cannot open the House of Hope we can see the children around because in May last year we moved to live at Thaisamut community where the children live. So, we connect with them online, Facebook, SMS, call them and they can also call us. 

Outreach Program

This year we have changed the way we do our outreach program. The children can take turns to come to the program. They come in groups of 10 and each group has their own leader. We do this four times a week. 


One more thing that we wanted to share is we have been renovating the House of Hope Tung Song Hong during the time when we could not open the house. We now have a bigger meeting room and three rooms upstairs. 











Current Issues and Challenges

It has been a very hard time, but we see God's hands upon us. Our volunteer team and many bringing helppeople that we minister to lost their jobs about 3- 6 months ago. We thank God that all of them who lost their job got a better job - praise God! And lots of people that we minister to got COVID, but they all have healed.


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Please pray for wisdom and strength to continue doing ministry.
2) Pray for our team and new ways of doing ministry.
3) Pray for more children and families to come to know Jesus.
4) Pray for Pao and Pupea. They have now worked full-time for nearly 5 months.