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Report Date: March 3, 2022

Final Report from BHW Partnership Facilitator 

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assisting migrantsThis is the final report from this partnership. It began in 2015 and for three years BHW supported the Agape Centre. The purpose was to assist with expenses as the ministry was established in a new area. After three years the centre was operating well, and they had been able to raise other funds to cover their expenses. 

In 2020 BHW sent US$1,000 to assist with an appeal from them for funds to help migrants who were affected by Covid. See the previous report from June 2020.

The work at the centre continues, assisting migrants and refugees to settle in Europe. The flow from the Middle East has slowed but there is still a trickle coming through from South Asia and North Africa. 

Unless there are further requests for support, this is the final report from this partnership.



 assisting migrants