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Report Date: February 19, 2022

encouraging othersReport from BHW Pakistan Partnership Facilitator

Recent Events


Early in 2021 we were alerted to the fact that several students did not have devices to continue their learning online. COVID had forced training institutions to transition to that means of communication. We were able to assist 10 of them get laptops or tablets to be able to continue learning. This was a great initiative. 

good to get togetherOn several occasions in 2021 the team gathered both existing students and prospective students together to encourage them, hear some of their stories and to explain the application process. These are always well attended as being a scholarship student is a sought after position. 

Some photos are included of one of the gatherings from last year. Of course, studying in the past two years has been severely affected by the onset of COVID and again as I write this, another wave is affecting many people in the country. 

More than 200 applications were received for scholarships for the 2022 year. There were only 10 places available. New positions become available at the end of each academic year and sometimes at other times. Currently there are 70 students in the programme. 


Personal Stories

Here are the brief biographies of some of the students who have just been admitted to the premedicalprogramme. 

Saneha Rafiq is a student of F.Sc (Pre-medical) and studying in Rabia Basri College for Women. Her father passed away in 2010 with a heart attack and her mother works in a factory. She has three siblings, her elder sister (Mishal Rafiq) was on the scholarship programme, passed Intermediate level in 2020 and is now working. She was an older student in a scholarship programme. Saneha got A+ grades in Matric and is studying to become a nurse. 


older student

Rimsha Salamat is an older student on the scholarship programme. She passed her Matric Exams with a B Grade, got admission to Pheobe Health School and is studying midwifery. She is the only girl in her family who studies as due to a lack of finances the other siblings are not able to study. Her father is a daily wage worker as a welder. 



biotechnology student

Saika Shazhad is a BSc student in Biotechnology and studying in Gulab Devi Teaching Hospital Lahore. Her father is a mason and she has three other siblings. They all go to school, but her father cannot afford her fee for BSc and asked EGM for financial support.



Awaz Yousaf is an orphan girl. Her mother and father were killed in 2014 in a road accident. She is living with her uncle in Lahore. She passed her Matric and Intermediate Exams with A+ grades in 2018 but did not continue her study due to a lack of finances. She applied to EGM for a scholarship in December 2021 and they are glad to support her, she is exactly the type of person they want to assist. She received admission into Ali Nursing Institute and is doing a two-year laboratory course. 


tenth grade

Angel Austin is a student in the 10th grade in Christ Church School, Youhanabad. Her mother is working in Mayo Hospital as a nurse. Last year, her dad left their family and kicked her mother out with the three children. Now they are living in a rented house, and it is very difficult to meet daily needs. They approached EGM Pakistan for her monthly tuition fee. 



Tania Nadeem is a student of DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy). Her parents passed away and she is living with her uncle in Lahore. She cannot afford her fees so is working part-time in a school but that does not provide enough to pay her fees. She asked EGM Pakistan for financial support for her second to fourth years training. They are helping her for her second-year fees in 2022. 


English honors


Hezkial Boaz is studying BS English (Hons) at M.A.O. Graduate College. His father is a pastor serving in Asif Town, Lahore. He got A+ grades in Matric, Intermediate and BS (1st, 2nd, and 3rd semesters). He plays piano in church and leads worship. They are facing hard times due to low income and all the children are studying in school and colleges. His father asked EGM Pakistan to support his college fees. 

medical student

Marry Jamshaid is a student of MLT (Medical) at Minsa Medical Institute of Health.  She completed her Matric in 2017 and Intermediate in 2019. She started working two years ago to support her family. Her father was a rickshaw driver, but he sold his rickshaw because of the COVID-19 lockdown to support the family. Now she has restarted her study and is very thankful. 



Ideas for the Future

We are about to start a register of all the students that have participated in the scholarship programme and until that has been completed it is hard to accurately assess the impact. However, well over 500 students have so far been involved and Edward estimates that more than 90% of them are currently in employment. Without this programme it would be hard to imagine even 10% of them with jobs and if they did, they would be low paying, menial daily worker jobs. 


Current Issues and Challenges 

The ongoing impact of COVID continues to create issues for students. It is not only the medical impact of COVID, now it is the ongoing economic issues. People have sold their means of earning a living to survive the lockdown. Development and building have almost stopped entirely so there are fewer daily jobs available. People cannot afford to pay people to work for them. The increase in numbers applying for scholarships is an indication of the increased need. 


great programmePrayer and Praise Points

1) That this continues to be a very useful programme for many young people.
2) That so many young people are gaining employment because of their involvement in the programme.
3) That the key people will stay safe to be able to continue this programme. There is an increased risk of violence against outstanding Christian leaders. 



This is a great programme and there are so many benefits accruing from this. It is encouraging to hear that some graduates are now contributing financially to the ongoing training of younger students. There is a lot of spiritual benefit from this, and it gives the team the opportunity to witness to and disciple many people.