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Report Date: November 11, 2020

Update from EGM Pakistan

Greetings from Pakistan, 

Hopefully you are all well there. We keep all of you in our prayers, please pray for us. 

I am glad to share with you the November 2020 report of the Scholarships Project. 


Recent Events


Schools, colleges and universities reopened in September 2020 after six months of being closed due to COVID-19. In winter the number of cases is increasing but the Government made the decision not to close all educational institutions. Unfortunately, thousands of students have had to leave schools due to unpaid fees from last six months. We are getting hundreds of new applications and very fairly selecting students on merit for scholarships.   

New Profiles

doing premedPlease pray for the students and their families. 

Yeshal Shahzad is a student of Fsc Pre-Medical. She is the daughter of our team member Shahzad Masih. Her dad has worked with EGM Pakistan since 2003. Her mother was also a scholarship student and completed her Masters in Education and is now working in an allied school as an art teacher. She has two brothers and they are also studying in school. 


tough lifeYamima Francis is a student in 11th grade. Her father has been persecuted because he is a Christian newspaper editor. He was a victim of the blasphemy law and was jailed for a few months and then moved to Thailand for asylum. After 5 years living there where they faced many troubles, no food, being imprisoned, no medication etc., in 2019 the girls and their mum moved back to Pakistan and wait for approval to move to another safe place. Now they are studying in college and we are supporting them for better future.  

bright girl

Rimsha Manzoor is a student of B Commerce. Her dad is a security guard at St John's Girls High School in Youhanabad. She has 6 sisters, all are studying, and mum is working at the school as a sweeper and helping to meet needs of house. They migrated from a village because of persecution there.  

very bright



Komal James is a student in 10th grade. Her father is working as a sweeper with a very low salary. She has five more siblings and all are students. They are living in a rented house and it is very difficult to manage the house needs. She is a very intelligent student and wants to become a nurse. We are helping her with her studies for 2020 and 2021. 


fourth year student 

Mishal Rafiq is a fourth year student. She is an orphan girl as her dad died when she was just 10 years old. Her mother works in a factory as a helper. Mishal Rafiq has three more siblings, younger brothers, who are working as helpers in a garment factory. She was doing a part-time job but COVID-19 made their financial circumstances worse. We are helping her for the year 2020 to 2021. Please pray for her and her family. 


studying commerce 

Sehrish Javed is a student of commerce, studying in her fourth year of a BS in Commerce. Her dad is a retired sanitary worker and her mother is working in a Roman Catholic Old Age Home in Khaliq Nager.  She has five more siblings, all of whom are studying. Her parents cannot afford her fees so she approached our office in Youhanabad for her fourth year fees and further studies. Now EGM Pakistan is supporting her.

four siblings 

Sameer Masih is a 10th class student. His father is a sanitary worker and cannot afford the school fees of five children in addition to house rent and medication expenses for his aged parents. He requested EGM Pakistan to support his son's school fees. We have been helping Sameer since October 2019. Please pray for him and his family.


zoology and botany

Mariam Ejaz is a student of BS in Zoology & Botany. She was teaching in a school after her intermediate studies and not continuing her further studies due to a lack of finances. Her dad has a heart condition and cannot work. Her sister and brother have also stopped their studies after intermediate and are working full time to support their family's needs. She is so thankful for Bright Hope World to support her studies of BS 2 year program. Her parents are also thankful for this great opportunity. 


All the students and their parents are thankful for Bright Hope World. We are also thankful for this great partnership. 


Blessings and love

Edward Qaser
Director (EGM Pakistan)