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Report Date: August 27, 2021

Report from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitators

Key Person: Rodgers Ade

fun timesUnfortunately we still have not been able to visit Kenya due to Covid-19 restrictions so this report is composed from information Rodgers has sent through. 

Recent Events


It has been over a year since Covid-19 first hit Kenya and things continue to look grim. They are now grappling with the Delta variant and are being warned of a potential fourth wave. Rodgers has said there has been an upsurge of coronavirus within Kisumu County but they are maintaining the Covid-19 rules to ensure they keep safe. Moriah has been through its challenges but has been able to disciple its students in their 6-month programme despite the pandemic. 

training still going aheadKenya recently had another lockdown that affected five counties which delayed the start of the discipleship training programme. Thankfully they were able to commence their training on the 16th May. They had 12 students on day one but now have a total of 19 students. Rodgers said they started off well and the training is going well. The commissioning is set for August 19th which can be viewed live on their Facebook page. The students are currently on a two week mission trip, one group in Kisumu and the other in Homabay. 

New Programmes

They are also running another component called LEAD (Leadership Empowerment and Development) with 10 adult students. They started in March and so all up 29 students will be commissioned at the end of this training. 

special timesIn addition, they also have another component called SBD (Small Business Development) which targets mature Christians involved in business. This course will be run again in November, the same as last year, with a focus to train participants in doing business in a Godly manner.


Personal Stories

Wilson Otieno - 18yrs old

When Wilson came to Moriah he knew he was being sent by his parents for discipline and computer classes but not discipleship. He also thought he would get to relax after his secondary school as he waits to join university. He was simply a stubborn boy at home and just loved the company of young ladies. At Moriah he was chosen as the student leader by the students. He is one of the students who gave his life to Christ and has been a great asset in mission work. He has really transformed. 


Current Issues and Challenges

impacting livesCovid-19 continues to spread and cause disruption in Kenya especially now they have the Delta variant. They recently went into another lockdown which halted the start of the discipleship programme. They are needing to be careful with procedures to stay safe from Covid-19.

They are needing to improve the two dormitories by portioning them into cubicles to make them more habitable. They are hoping to make a number of improvements. 

The government has also changed the academic calendar which has meant more changes to be made alongside those required due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Prayer and Praise Points


going wellThe current discipleship training is going really well with the commissioning set to take place on the 19h August. Everything has gone smoothly despite the current challenges. 

They have 15 students getting baptised conducted by Pastor Julias Ogola who pastors the OCC church in Kisumu and 14 of them have given their lives to Christ at Moriah.

No students have dropped out and there was few sicknesses during the course.

Rodgers was very sick for three weeks and he thanks God for his healing and recovery. 


changed lifeRodgers has requested prayer for a successful commissioning on 19th August. Also that the students will remain firm in their service to the Lord. 

Prayer for the improvement of the Moriah centre and that those in the local community will want to rent it for their own trainings at a fee. 

Prayer for the provision of a van also.  



Although MCO as a whole will be needing to make changes due to the impact of Covid-19 the Moriah School of Discipleship is still going to continue as normal as much as is possible. We feel that this project is still able to play an important role in the lives of the students that attend despite everything Kenya has been through recently.