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Report Date: May 13, 2016

Report from Mathare Community Outreach January to March 2016


Recent Events

Discipleship Program

discipleship trainingThis year marks the fourth year since OCC began running the discipleship school called Moriah School of Discipleship at Maseno. Once again we have started our 7 month discipleship class. The students reported on 19th January and this year we have a total of 22 students comprising 12 females and 10 males. All were very excited about the program. A clear timetable has been made for the training and divided into three phases. In phase one, that has already been finished, the students were taken through various topics mainly Christian birth, intimacy with God, Media & Technology God's way, biblical truth, right relationships, healing and deliverance, and the wheel illustration. Only four students were born again at the start but currently 13 others have given their life to Christ.

The current 22 students brings to 79 the total number of students who have joined Moriah for the discipleship training. Our past students have been growing strong and they have various testimonies (see Personal Stories).

Farming Activities

They have also been engaged in farming activities. They harvested maize and have also been engaged in caring for the chickens and pigs which are reared in the center. They are keen to learn more.


They have been able to carry out outreaches within the community and some schools both primary and secondary.


We are excited to have enlisted the services of a couple, Paul and Grace Obongo, who are now the resident team leaders at the training centre. They have brought with them a wealth of expereince and quality. They are assisted by three other former alumnis of the program - one female and two males.

Other Activities

Other activities carried out so far include erecting a new gate, repair of guest rooms, toilet doors and purchase of a new laptop.


Personal Stories

Bill Clinton Otieno

Bill is 19 years old and a total orphan who has been living with his paternal uncle near Mathare slums. He previously lived at Kariobangi Outreach Children’s Home for five years and thereafter joined high school. He received support and was able to finish high school successfully scoring 56 points of B-.

After high school he reluctantly joined the Moriah School of Discipleship Program this year. He confessed in the first weeks that he had Muslim friends and was on the verge of converting to Islam. He was stubborn and a lazy boy and never had peace with his uncle. He loved to listen to hip hop music. He also suffered from low self-esteem and could not face a crowd. 

He is now being transformed and has given his life to Jesus. 

"I have no regrets now having joined Moriah and I think I have discovered myself. I can now freely talk and address a big crowd. I stopped listen to hip hop music. Now I take time for my CBR (continuous bible reading) which I enjoy most. At least I have some farming skills already and am ready to learn more. My advice to young people is 'living a full Christian life is possible and it’s better to start early.'  Discipleship class is the first step to a new beginning for me."

Previous Students

Winny Omondi was a student in 2014. She returned to Moriah last year as an alumni before joining college. She joined a medical school at Nyandarua and has since been elected as the chairlady of the Christian Union. 

Paul Nyangwara has remained steadfast in his service at OCC No 10 Church, actively taking key roles like running the program. 

Most of the past students are still eager to continue mission work and serve the Lord in various ways. This response has been very encouraging to see these youth who underwent discipleship training remaining focused and ready to serve the Lord. A number of young people at this age have been facing a lot of challenges, particularly when they join colleges and serious peer pressure sets in. Cases of rampant drug abuse, conversion to other religions, immature relationships, and indulging in many other ungodly behaviours has been seen. By engaging our students to take the discipleship training it has not only helped them in character change but we have seen them giving their lives to Christ and becoming well equipped with skills to face the mounting peer pressures with ease.

Paul and Grace Obongo

great couplePaul and Grace are the new team leaders at Moriah School of Discipleship. This is what they had to say about Moriah;

"The location of the program in a rural setting is very appropriate for the training. Its isolation in nature away from an urban area makes the students concentrate during the training. They have time to carry out outreach within the community offering an opportunity to start a church in the area.

The idea of incorporating farming activities makes the students realize the importance of serving God and farming God's way.

We are ready to grow with the youth in the program to ensure they grow as children of God and this greatly inspires us."

Paul and Grace live with the students. It makes it easy for bonding and they are able to counsel and support them accordingly.


Partnership's Influence within the Community

Over the years OCC/MCO has built a strong relationship within the community where we work. It has made our work easier by getting along with the community members. Implementing new programs is easy and any other interested party wishing to visit the slums normally will link up with us.

Many youth have received life transformation through our church ministry, some serve in our churches and others operate other churches now in the slum. This is an indication of good work done.

Close to 17,000 children have pursued their education through MCO schools. Currently we have been running a scholarship program that has benefitted tens of our students to pursue professional courses. Some are working now and bringing change in their families.


Ideas for the Future

It is our prayer to plant two new churches and prayer centers in Kisumu County, one to be located in Maseno and the other one in Ragen. The one in Maseno will easily help our students in the discipleship program in evangelical work. We have six acres of land in Ragen which again has potential for growth in discipleship and prayer centers. Drilling of water has been done at the Ragen site for normal consumption and farming.

We would also look to enhance the discipleship program by opening another centre in Ragen to accommodate more students.


Current Issues and Challenges

The immediate challenge faced is health. A number of students fell ill as a result of change of climate. This is expensive and we didn’t have a budget for such eventualities. 


Prayer and Praise Points

Pray for the current students, for transformation and spiritual growth, and safety as they prepare to undertake mission work sometime in May to least-reached communities in Baringo County. The mission will take a period of 6 weeks.

Pray for the past students at Moriah School of Discipleship to remain steadfast in their service to God.