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Report Date: June 29, 2021

tough timesReport from BHW Armenia Partnership Facilitator

Recent Events 

Over the past year life in Vanadzor, Armenia has become even more difficult than normal. It was already very difficult for the men, women and children who are supported by our partner, ACM. Much of their normal life had been to forage and find anything that might have some value to sell or trade. With the onset of COVID-19 their ability to move about has been severely curtailed. As well, many of them have been sick and not well enough to scavenge in the normal ways. 

dreadful situationThe general situation in Armenia has become more dire with less employment and a brutal few days of war in part of the country with neighbouring Azerbijan. This has taken resources away from normal people to the war zone. Fortunately, the fighting was over relatively quickly but many lost their lives and even more lost their property. For many, it is too risky to return although some brave souls have gone back and are atttempting to rebuild their lives. 

The past months have been characterised by pandemic, war, wounded solders, sickness and poverty. Many, many more people have come knocking on the doors of our partners begging for financial help. Medication, rent, electrical bills and all the basics of life are being sought. It is very hard to say no to so many people.

Currently the worst of the pandemic seems to have passed and is largely under control. However, now that summer has arrived and they are able to gather, they mainly do so outside to limit the spread and cross infection. 

huge reliefProgrammes

A lot of food has been distributed by the team as they have been able to afford it. In the past six months, six containers of supplies have been sent from Australia to aid the work on the ground. This has been a huge relief to many people. 

It is now summer and most of the schools are out so the team is running regular Bible Clubs in the areas where there are families being supported and also some camps for the families. This is the highlight of the year for these families who have so little in their lives that brings them joy and laughter. 45 children have been fully supported to attend the camps which are run by Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF). A number of the ACM staff also work with CEF.


making a differencePartnership's Influence within the Community

ACM has 135 families under their care. They attempt to provide as much assistance to them as they can. These 135 families are their primary concern. Their people on the ground in Armenia are helping many more than that, but only when they are able and have extra. 


Ideas for the Future 

tough lifeIn terms of Vanadzor, there are many more families that could be assisted and the team wants to do that. 

They would love to be able to get better housing for the people that are being sponsored. Two obtained permanent housing last year. 

They also have a ministry base in the city of Gyumri which is being developed and they have plans to grow that work as well. 

They are looking for a building in Yerevan to become their base. 


Current Issues and Challenges

The greatest challenge and issue is the overwhelming need that comes to their door every day. Just from those they care for there are huge medical needs and lack of food. Prices are going up and at this time of year there is little local produce available. 


bringing some joyPrayer and Praise Points

1) The workers on the ground in Armenia and those in Australia need a lot of wisdom and courage
2) Pray for the summer children’s camp
3) Pray for the summer Bible Clubs that they are running in the villages starting in early July 2021
4) Pray for the many sick and for funds to keep up with the needs
5) Pray for a mission team visiting from USA that they will be a blessing to all 


bringing reliefComments

A visit to Vanadzor is well overdue and will happen as soon as we are able to travel again. Our partners there are great people and they are very committed to those they serve. This is a very worthwhile partnership helping extremely poor people and I think it's worth our ongoing support.