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Report Date: March 13, 2021

March 2021 Newsletter

Recent Events

Inspiration from Mom

critical necessityI was 5 years old when I sat next to my mother watching her skilled hands working on an old Singer sewing machine. It was impressive to see my mom making nice dresses for me and my other four sisters. That was not only my mother’s hobby, but the dire financial situation of my dad as a minister of the gospel with a family of nine, made it a critical necessity. 

I recall that we did not own a fridge, washing machine, or even a TV but the sewing machine was more precious than gold for my mom and us. My mom cooked daily, washed up dishes, and washed our clothes all by hand. I remember her sitting behind the sewing machine mending our clothes and sharing jokes and stories with us. 

My mom passed away several years ago but I kept her sewing machine as a reminder of loving care. Perhaps it is this sewing machine that ignited the spark in me to help Syrian refugee women and girls to be trained in sewing at our two centers. Whenever I visit a humble tent with basic “furniture” in it I am over delighted to see a sewing machine donated by Together, For the Family for a woman who was trained for six months at our sewing school.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day in Lebanon on March 21st, I want to say: “Mom, thank you for being my inspiration to help hundreds of women!”   

Sewing Ministry

We also celebrated the graduation of 26 sewing students (women and teenage girls) from our sewing school. Each graduate got a new sewing machine and shared her vision on how to continue practicing and looking for ways to earn a living. We expressed to them our commitment to continue supporting them even after graduation. We also assured them that our center will always welcome them.   

lots of needsNew Born Babies

Please meet our 23 newborn babies!
I am Mustafa. I am so little and tiny, only 3 months old. I live with my parents and three siblings in a small tent in Beqaa Valley. My dad could not find a job this year. During the last snow storm our tent ceiling was dripping water and the weather was so cold. My mother did her best to keep me warm. Unfortunately, my mom is unable to breastfeed me due to health issues that she faces. I survive on a special kind of milk but due to the economic crisis in Lebanon it is very hard for my parents to get me enough milk. In addition, the rarity of this kind of milk means it is also too expensive for my parents to afford. I am grateful to the Together, For the Family team for coming to my rescue each time when I feel hungry or cold.   

Trauma Ministry

The very difficult situation that Syria and Lebanon are going through prompted us to take the initiative to train 17 more Syrian leaders. The training aims to equip them to offer first aid as they deal with traumatized children and young people. The training took place in Damascus, Syria.  

new graduatesCarpentry Ministry

We have just celebrated the graduation of our 7 carpentry students. They fulfilled the graduation requirements with distinction. Normally the training takes 6 months but due to the COVID-19 crisis it took them one year to complete the training. We invited the new applicants to attend the graduation ceremony so they will be excited to see the end as they start their training. One of the outstanding graduates has successfully got a job as a teaching assistant while managing time with his school. Other graduates will be hunting for a job.   

tough times


January was a really harsh month in the Bekaa Valley. It was tough in particular for the refugees living in tents. Two strong snowstorms covered the areas with snow for days. TFF's team went to the camps and helped in every possible way. They distributed heating fuel, blankets, and food to every single tent in Ablah, and in other places. 


Personal Stories

successful surgery"Sara" is an 18 month old girl from Hasakeh, north of Syria. Sara needed urgent heart surgery. Her parents couldn't afford the cost of surgery after they made their way from Hasakeh to Damascus. TFF provided the help and support needed. Sara's surgery was a success. Please continue praying for her full recovery.  


Prayer and Praise Points

With everything happening in Lebanon, from economic, political, and health crises, our centers are still functioning. Please offer praise to God and join us in prayer for the following:
- Safety and protection for our staff and students.
- Protection from the perils of COVID-19 in the camps. We are grateful to God that there are not many cases so far. A breakout in the camps will be disastrous.
-  A new project is being launched this month, Boys' Lounge, where our boys will have their own room for learning, playing games, and sharing their stories.
- For the country of Lebanon as the political, economic, and social situation is worsening every day.  


In the midst of all, we do believe that God is working in us and through you and us to achieve his good purposes.