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Report Date: July 7, 2020

Together for the Family July Newsletter

Recent Events

Lebanon Now

difficult place to liveI guess that you are following the news about the situation in Lebanon, but please allow me to give you a glimpse of what Lebanese (and others who live in Lebanon) are experiencing on the ground.

Lebanon has been witnessing a difficult economic condition amid months of nationwide protests, confused current ruling political government and the impact of COVID-19. The poverty rate is going over 50% from the World Bank's estimate of 32% in 2018. Unemployment has just hit over 40%. Lebanon has descended into a recession. The Lebanese pound has lost more than 75% of its value since anti-government protests started in October. The black market exchange rate is now 8,000 Lebanese pounds for $1 in comparison to 1,515 in 2019! Banks have instituted strict withdrawal restrictions on people’s deposits.

Last week we toured all bakeries in our city but no bread was available for purchase. Supermarkets and shops have chosen to close down as they are unable to cope with the changes in the exchange rate. We were allowed to have two gallons for gas at petrol stations. The power company is warning people that there will be major power shortage soon. Our TV ads are predicting that we are approaching a similar scenario to Venezuela, Iran or Syria. In fact, even during the 17 years of our civil war we did not experience such a hardship. The hardship is tougher on the millions of refugees living in Lebanon.

In the midst of all the above we ask with the Psalmist: “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Ps. 11:3 - NIV) and we respond by doing God’s will: acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with our God. 

Thank you for walking this tough journey with us. 

much needed


Food Supplies

"Give them something to eat!"  (Luke 9:13)

With your support we were able to give food baskets to feed 520 families with a focus on the families of our children. 


new journey

Sewing Ministry

Last week we celebrated the graduation of 26 of our students at the sewing schools. They are embarking on a new journey. They proudly got their certificates and their brand new sewing machines so they can continue developing their skills and earn a living.


exciting day



We also celebrated the graduations of 11 new students from our special education scheme. They completed three years of learning and fun!


exciting time

Carpentry Training

What a joy to celebrate the graduation of our first batch of eight young carpenters! They displayed their wooden art enjoying their developed carpentry skills. In addition to their certificates each got a special toolkit.  



Personal Stories


hope for the future"Sarah" was eight years old when the war in Syria forced her and her family to escape as refugees to Lebanon. She is now 15 years old and working hard to find a job to support her family. Her father is unable to find any job, particularly with the political and economic crisis in Lebanon. Her mother had a nervous breakdown and is hardly able to cope with life's challenges. Finally, Sarah was able to find a very low-paid job in a factory. She was a beautiful young lady and the factory owner was attracted to her and started to harass her. In her pure innocence she thought he was taking care of her, but realized that he was doing “strange” things. He would ask her to stay at the end of her shift in the warehouse on her own and sexually abuse her. She could not tolerate that anymore so she ran away from the factory and felt so depressed.

One of her friends shared with her about Together For the Family training program; “Hair and Beauty”. Sarah rushed to meet with me concluding her tragic story by saying: “I hate to work under anyone, particularly men. I would like to have a profession that will give me freedom and independence." Sarah’s face now continues to shine with a new hope. She is slowly gaining her self-confidence to face an evil world!


Prayer and Praise Points

Please pray for:
1) The complicated situation in Lebanon
2) The ability to get our money from the bank and continue our ministry, particularly our trauma training and summer camps for traumatized young people
3) Our team as they face the tough economic crisis


We can't end this newsletter without sending you all a big hug and lots of love!