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Report Date: June 6, 2020

Report on COVID-19 Support to the Old and Vulnerable  

much needed suppliesIntroduction

The elderly people have challenges coping with every situation in life, thus the need to be held and shown love at all times. Their challenges however, have been worsened by the current global health situation of Covid 19. They are more vulnerable now with this current health issue. Most of these elderly people at Nyamasore are not able to fend for themselves in normal situations. They have to depend on their family members or well-wishers for most of their wellbeing and basic needs.  

Words may not sufficiently describe the feelings and the impact of the old and vulnerable people’s project. Among the programs we have facilitated, this one has left our hearts broken. With the support you gave us, there was great joy and lots of happiness on this day when the old age and so gratefulvulnerable received the donated gifts of food stuffs, bedding and washing detergents. All the beneficiaries were among the poorest of the poor.

We thank God for you for putting a smile and giving hope to the hopeless. When the program was conceived I did not really see the magnitude, until I got to home visiting and understanding. It has turned out that our first recruits are widows with the youngest being 68 years and the oldest about 105 years old. The only man among these women is physically disabled and is also a widower. Half of the members of this group do not have very close relatives who can provide regular attention or care for them on a day to day monitoring. Some of them may go for two days without food before getting something to eat from well-wishers.

very vulnerableHerein are some of the photos taken during the presentations of donations. The photos cannot explain fully the joy and thanksgiving in the hearts of the old ladies. Some of them we took the food to their homes as they could not walk to the central place. One lady (on right) is totally blind and very old, being taken care of by her physically challenged son whose wife died some years back and is also HIV positive.  



To our partners, we are happy to share with you the joy of ministering to these elderly people during this Covid period. Our prayer is for God's blessings upon you for the good service you are doing. Out of your support we were able to do the following
1) Buy bedding for the elderly
2) Buy food stuffs
3) Buy hygiene and cleaning detergents
4) Support our farmers group in a small way


I am moved and grateful to God and you. God bless you.

Grace Abanga

very grateful

very grateful