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KEN01c - Kariobangi Outreach Children's Home: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: June 6, 2020

Update from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitator

Key People: Rodgers Ade, Daniel and Magdalene Ogutu

Recent Events


Kariobangi normally houses 30 children but due to the impacts of Covid-19 they are currently housing 14. The government has encouraged all children’s centres to return the children back to family members and caregivers to reduce crowding. 

The remaining children are confined within the orphanage. There are also tight restrictions on visitors coming in. Three handwashing stations have been put in place and the children are all required to wear masks. 

Visitors are allowed to visit for 30 minutes to 1 hour but social distancing has to be in place.

The children’s education continues with help from a teacher for those sitting their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. 

The house that was burned down is in its final stages of being finished. The girls have started using the dormitory in the last couple of weeks. The exterior of the house is still to be complete. 

The weekly meetings of saving for life groups has also had to stop since the ban on social gatherings. Staff are now trying to coordinate this through telephone calls.  


Partnership's Influence within the Community

During this time they have been able to donate food to families in both Mathare and Kariobangi. Families depended on meals provided by the school for their children and as this could no longer be provided food was taken to the children and their families as they were starving.  


Current Issues and Challenges

It is a long time to have the children confined to the home each day with no school to attend. Although the government is offering virtual learning, the lack of internet is making this difficult. The children are expected to have smart phones or screens. There is uncertainty as to when the schools will resume – it could be as late as September. 

Lockdown was extended another 21 days until 6th of June and it is uncertain when it will be lifted. This is a stressful time for staff as they have been put on unpaid leave. There is a lack of funds to pay the staff salaries. 

The cost of food and firewood for cooking has greatly increased. The addition of lunch for the children who would normally eat at school has increased living costs also. 

The home is also now having to cover the electricity and water bills for the school as there is no income coming in. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Pray for protection over all the staff and children from Covid-19 and any other illnesses.
2) Pray for the general wellbeing and safety of the children, especially those who have returned home to caregivers.
3) Pray for funds to continue to support the staff and children in this difficult time.
4) Praise God for the rebuilding of the girls dormitory that was burnt last year. The girls and the manager’s family have settled back to the house.
5) Praise God for the support from Bright Hope World and other well-wishers, financially and materially, that has allowed the centre to continue despite the challenges.
6) Praise for the staff members continuous support to the children despite the challenges.