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Report Date: April 28, 2017

impacting young lives

Report from Heirs of Grace on 2016


Recent Events

Native Jungle Children (Aoti)

We continue to advance with the Bible teaching in Aoti. More than 70 children and youth are currently attending. The native teacher, Zila Catima (right), teaches 30 children from ages 1 to 5. Cristina Salas (below left) (PER16), teaches 30 children aged 6 to 10. Antonia Yalta (below right) (PER10), teaches 28 young people. She has been able to help the young people to understand how the New Testament church began, from the book of Acts, and through this the young people have started to help in the Sunday school. The youngest children are learning to trust in God. God has blessed us with 30 Bibles for the older children. 

changing young lives

impacting young lives








much appreciated



Adolfo is a handicapped child but he is very involved in the ministry. Others are involved in serving the children in the dining room, helping with the refreshments for the little ones. 



training young people



Víctor, together with the young people, visit homes and pray for people who are sick. 




celebrating birthdays



Twice a year we celebrate the children’s birthdays. This time they chose to eat fried chicken instead of cake.




grateful for food



In the dining room, “Oasis of Love”, 18 to 20 children share lunch each Monday to Friday.



much appreciated



This year we also helped more than 20 abandoned children with a school kit.






much appreciatedvery gratefulChildren of Segadores Missionaries

All of the Segadores missionary's kids are helped with an offering during the school campaign and also with an offering for their birthdays. At Christmas we do the same, so that their parents can buy their children something that they need.  

We also talk with the parents so that they help the kids to understand the work of Segadores and everything that God is doing and providing through Segadores. All of the parents, along with their children, give thanks to God for the support they receive.  

We were very aware of the needs of the children. Thank the Lord that He provides for each need. 




Pariachi Bible School Programme, Lima

kids love comingThere are currently four groups:  

Pre-school, 3 and 4 year olds - teachers: Nery Salcedo, Norma Sulca and Brenda de la Cruz
School age, 5 and 6 year olds - teachers: Eufemia Huamán and Lisbeth de la Cruz
School age, 7 to 9 year olds - teachers: Inés Sinche and Karen Quispe
School age, 10 year olds and up - teachers: Yuliana Huamán and Josué

This year the classes started on 16th January and had 32 children. In March, the children were given a donation for shoes from the Agustino church. As was the case last year, the teachers paid a visit to the homes of the children. 

very gratefulFor the past few years, in April, we have been celebrating the birthdays of all of the children who come to the Bible programme. 

We have seen during this year the growth and knowledge of the Bible in the lives of each child.  

We are grateful to the Lord for the provision of food for each class.



We are very grateful to Bright Hope World for all of the support that you give us each year for the missionary work with the children of the jungle, the missionary’s children and the children of Pariachi, Lima. 

Thank you very much! We are able to get to various places and place the seed of the Gospel of Hope in each person’s heart. 


Many thanks,
Antonia Yalta