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Peru, South America

PER10a - Heirs of Grace

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Antonia Yalta



Funding Status:

Partially Funded

Partnership Type:

Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Funding Size:

$3,000 - $7,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 7,260

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Population: 29.5 million

Life Expectancy: 73.0 years

GDP: US$4448 per capita

Unemployed: 7.7%

17.8% earn less than US$2/day

Current Partnership Impact

35 families are being assisted

70 children are being supported into schooling

Partnership Overview

Heirs of Grace is a ministry initially established by Antonia Yalta, a Segadores missionary, to help forgotten (or neglected) children in tribal communitiesAntonia joined Segadores in 1996 and through her cross-cultural experiences, she felt God’s call to enter a ministry of sharing God’s love to children of exploited and forgotten tribal villages of the jungle. 

Heirs of Grace now works among three different groups of children:

1) Children of the Segadores Missionaries 
Heirs of Grace (HoG) seeks to pastor and encourage the children of Segadores missionaries so they do not feel forgotten or neglected and grow to love the missionary work that their parents do. 

They provide holistic care for the sons/daughters of the missionaries - emotionally, spiritually and socially. Godparents are sought who will pray for the children, contact them when their parent leaves for ministry, and give them a gift on their birthday and at Christmas. HoG also supports the children with schooling costs and provides training for the parents on various subjects to help them understand their children’s needs and respond to them effectively. They also take the children and their parents out for a day to a recreation ground and buy them new clothes (generally this is done at the end of year because all the missionaries return to Lima from the jungle). 

Much appreciated2) Native jungle children – particularly the Aoti tribal people 
HoG desire that these jungle children will come to know God through the help they give them, that they may be able to see God’s love reflected in the lives of the missionaries.

HoG is involved in teaching the Word of God in school and in the native church. They provide nutritional breakfasts every Sunday to the children who attend the church, give vitamin supplements to the primary school children and to the malnourished children that are found in extreme poverty (Pampa Mercado Town), and provide breakfast to the school children as many of them cannot pay attention at school for lack food (Pampa Mercado town)

They also help many orphaned and abandoned children with their schooling costs and are providing some native families with chicken coups in order to raise chickens and become able to provide food for themselves and their children. Each year they run a Christmas programme for the children. 

Making a difference3) Poor children of Lima
HoG desire that these city children will come to know God and through them their parents would also come to know God. In Lima they run Bible classes every Saturday at the Missions Centre for those children who come from needy situations. Lunch is provided for them every Saturday because many of them come without breakfast as their parents are working. Every six months their birthdays are celebrated and at Christmas they are given toys so they know they are cared for. 

History of Partnership

For a number of years BHW has been partnering with Segadores and their missionaries and we have been providing personal financial support for Antonia since 2006.  Late in 2012 she presented us with a request to commence financially supporting the ministry of Heirs of Grace and this was started in mid 2013. 


The various children Antonia and Heirs of Grace minister to with a flow on effect to their families and local community. 

What We Like About The Partnership

Antonia has a deep love and vision for ministering to the needs of missionary children in Segadores and also to the children in the Amazon jungles of Peru and in Lima. This has changed lives and been a blessing to the children she shows God’s love to. She has been doing this for a number of years now with minimal financial support. 


Key People

Leadership Profile

Loves kidsAntonia was born in June 1960 into a Catholic family in a rural community in the State of Amazonas. She has three sisters and one brother. All the family worshipped idols so she never heard about Jesus. However, her mother had a Catholic Bible that Antonia read secretly. In 1977 she became a Christian at an evangelistic campaign in a nearby town.  After finishing her high school studies she studied theology through extension courses at the Evangelical Seminary of Lima (1992-1996) and graduated with a Diploma in Pastoral Theology. In Lima she attended a Christian Missionary Alliance Church and began working with small children.  

In 1993 Antonia learned that Segadores trained missionaries. She participated in one of their training programmes that year, in the theory and field practice; then continued participating during her summer vacations until finishing her seminary studies. After graduating from seminary (in 1996), Antonia joined Segadores, and entered a ministry of sharing God’s love to children of exploited and forgotten tribal villages of the jungle.

Other People Involved

Antonia is assisted in this ministry by two Christian ladies, Cristina and Otilia. They help her in a voluntary capacity and are dependent on the Lord for their support.


Vision And Annual Strategy

For children to be presented with the gospel, shown God’s love, and given practical encouragement and support. 


Annual Budget

1) Children of Segadores missionaries - US$1,210
2) Native jungle children - US$3,850 
3) Children of Lima - US$2,200 


Personal Testimony

Missionary kidBriana Elizabeta Tello Trascu

Age : 5 years old in April 2013
Oscar Tello, Briana’s dad, is a Segadores missionary who works in the investigation of ethnic groups in the Peruvian jungle where there are no highways, roads, lights, telephones or other means of communication. Sometimes his family accompanies him on his trips into the jungle but most of the time they don’t go as there are no health services, and given the age of their children they stay at home. They feel the absence and the love of their father for long periods of time.

Briana also suffers from bouts of bronchitis that requires the use of a nebulizer, so for this reason they need to be in a place which has established health services.

Missionary kidYamillet Aytana Huamani Cano

Age : 6 years old in June 2013
Yamillet’s parents work as missionaries in the lower jungle area of Peru where there are no roads, highways, lights, telephones or any other means of communication. In order to travel to the market or to the doctor they need to travel a number of hours on the river, whether the sun is shining or it is raining. Yamillet has to grow up in this environment, quite isolated and with little access to the supplies and services that we are used to. On top of that the area is known for its wide ranging and dangerous illnesses like malaria, yellow fever, typhoid fever, and pneumonia. When visiting the people in their houses to preach the Gospel, Yamillet’s parents and her are exposed to catching these sicknesses that are sometimes impossible to avoid.