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ZAM11b - Support of Dick and Anita Mumba: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: August 25, 2016

Report from BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitators Following Visit


Recent Events


great orchardDick and Anita continue to live on their farm while waiting to move to GLO (ZAM19c). They didn't plant crops of maize this year as they thought they would be at GLO by now but have done well with tomatoes, cassava and sweet potato which has fed the family. They have lots of great fruit trees that they water by hand each day, and have been harvesting many mangos, passionfruit, guava, and Moringa trees.

They have still been influencing the community by helping some people out with piece work.

When they leave the farm to go to GLO they are hoping to have someone come onto the farm to look after all the trees and will give them a portion of land to plant crops for their own income. 


excited re futureThe three girls, Michelle, Rachel and Esther, are waiting to sit Grade 7 exams which they will do at a private school in Ndola that is run by one of the GLO board members.

Jesse is currently with the family and is waiting to see if he can start studying at university.

Abraham is in Lusaka running his own business for fixing and importing computer parts.

Dick recently went to Lusaka for a church function that focused the church on looking outward into the community. He said that the church of 600 had become stale, like “stinking pond water” instead of a flowing stream where people come and go looking outwards to increase the kingdom of God. He ran evangelism courses that started with surveying the community’s needs to give people a starting point of how to point people towards Christ.


Plans for the Future

They have been accepted by the GLO board to join the team but there is currently an issue with waiting for a house to come available as two current team members are leaving.

Dick visited GLO when the GAP year students were there in May. He experienced the Camp Reality part of the program where students were tested with activities in the bush. He saw great value in the program that was set up to mentor and disciple the students. He is keen to help explore how GLO can become sustainable while keeping the ministry work from being distracted. Things such as using the facility and the courses set up for week long paid for mentoring and discipleship programs. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) For clarification on the timing of moving to GLO
2) For the right person to come to look after their farm



Dick and Anita and all the family are really fired up about GLO but do have a sense of frustration at not being able to move there yet. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly.