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ZAM11b - Support of Dick and Anita Mumba: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: March 24, 2015

Report from BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitator Following Visit in March


We visited with Dick and Anita at their farm in Chipata. It was a real time for Dick to download and we chatted for a long time into the night!


Recent Events


good looking fruitThe chickens that we gave them a loan for have not gone that well due to the fact that the company they purchased the chickens from sold the birds two months before the point of lay (meaning no eggs for two months but the cost of feed). Dick has done well to recover from this but basically has just broken even on the venture. He is currently selling the birds for meat and doesn’t want to do layers again.

The farm has struggled due to the distance from town, 12 km, and the only transport they have is a bicycle. 

They have grown a great portion of maize following the Foundations for Farming methods. Everyone who has seen it has been asking “what sort of farming is this” giving Dick the opportunity to talk with them about it.

The other crops are onion, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, carrots, many fruit trees and a passionfruit vine. They are all growing well but market is the issue.

They are thinking of buying some maize at harvest time and storing it until later in the year as the rains have been poor and there is going to be a shortage. He has a perfect place to store the maize in the old chicken run. 


As a family they are struggling with the remote location of the farm. The girls have not been to town for over a year and the family is not getting to a church either. Anita continues to home school the girls.

Jesse and Abrim are in Lusaka trying to get into some higher education, possibly to the USA, but things have taken a long time and don’t look like being sorted out yet.

We have encouraged Dick to visit GLO Alive (ZAM19c) as he and Anita have a similar vision to David Lukama for the youth, and Dick may be a great guy to look after the chicken run and farming training there. It would also give the girls some time off the farm and to see other people.

Dick was due to get a retirement package at 55 years but the new government has changed the age to 65.


Ideas for the Future

Dick wants to start a program aimed at Zambian youth called Gospel Impact Africa. It is to be based on discipleship and mentoring.

They may be looking at a move back into Lusaka if they can get some land and build a house. Dick and Anita feel they are needed back in the Zambian community rather than hiding at their farm.