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Pakistan, Asia

PAK06b - Chaklala Computer Training Centre

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Funding Status:

No Current Donor

Partnership Type:

Training / Education, Community / Agriculture Development

Funding Size:

$3,000 - $7,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 5,440

Connected To:

PAK01 , PAK05 , PAK06 , PAK06a


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Population: 184.8 million

Life Expectancy: 66.0 years

GDP: US$1022 per capita

Unemployed: 15.0%

60.3% earn less than US$2/day

Current Partnership Impact

40 families are being assisted

40 people are in vocational or agricultural training

Partnership Overview

There are more and more young people moving into the Chaklala area as the community develops. There are many issues associated with you people, especially drug use. There is little for the local youths to do and our partners there want to provide something positive for them that will help them with their education as well. Hence, the computer centre. 

For several years our partners Azam and Barbara Gill have been serving the Chaklala community. As time has gone along, they have started a school in the area, a church, and have run several other programmes, sewing and computer lessons with the school computers. As well, they are building a home there which is adjacent to the school. 

In 2023 their eldest son Azar took over the leadership of some of the programmes and approached BHW to start a computer training programme in the church facility. He feels it would be a great way to engage the young people, help build relationships with them and at the same time help them with their education.  

History of Partnership

BHW has had a relationship with Azam and Barbara Gill since 2002 after our Field Director met them at an international conference.  In August 2008 BHW funded a pilot sewing programme in Islamabad where 20 women were trained, and this had an incredibly positive impact in that community as for the first time many of these women were now able to support themselves and their families. Since then, a number of other sewing and adult literacy programmes have been funded, as well as support provided for the establishment of the Horizon School.   


school kidsThe target group is teenagers who have a basic knowledge of English, so they understand computer operations and systems. Even if they have zero knowledge of computers, that is fine because they are starting with basic courses.

This will have a positive impact on the community because most teenagers in Chaklala do not own a computer. Some parents cannot afford a computer, but some think their children will get spoiled if they buy them one. The intention is to educate the community about how learning basic computer skills will help their children be better equipped to do well at school and to enter the workforce. 

What We Like About The Partnership

Azar is a good young man with a high capacity for serving people.
This programme builds on other initiatives going on in the community that BHW has been involved in.
This is a positive contribution to the community by the local church. It is not easy for churches to be able to do that.
This creates the opportunity to build relationships with the community and break down religious barriers. 


Key People

Leadership Profile

great familyAzar Gill is the key person supported by his parents and two siblings. Azar is a very winsome, stable young man with a strong Christian faith. He has completed his undergraduate degree in economics from Forman University, Lahore.  He is about to commence post-graduate studies in theology. He wants to see young people flourish and help them grow in faith and their capacity to be economically empowered. 

Azar shows initiative. He has not been able to get a permanent job in a company but has an online job which keeps him busy and able to earn some funds while he looks for employment. His desire to study theology means his time will be taken up in study but he will be able to oversee this and other projects. 

Other People Involved

Azam Gill is involved and leads the work and Izia, Azar's younger brother is helping as well. 


Vision And Annual Strategy


To see young people in Chaklala become competent computer operators so they can be better prepared for life after school. 


To run computer courses in Chaklala to help the participants become computer literate. 

The course will run for 3 months and there will be up to 15 students in each class. Eventually they intend to have several classes operating each day at different times. 

They will charge PKR2,000 (US$7) per month from each student which will cover operating expenses. In the future, they want to offer web-development and Python learning courses and for these they will charge higher prices.  

At the completion of the course the students will get a certificate and they will be taught how to add skills to their resume so they can market themselves to get better jobs. 


Annual Budget

A one-off amount of US$5,440 is required to purchase the capital items to commence the programme but after that the operations of the programme will be largely self-sufficient. The initial funding will purchase:
- Computers x6
- Desks x6
- Electric Stabiliser 
- Air Conditioner
- White board
- Internet connection