Funding Status Meaning
Unfunded No funding has yet been found or allocated to this partnership
No Current Donor There is no current donor for this partnership.
Bright Hope World does mantain a General Fund of untagged donations that can be used to fund selected partnerships until a specific donor can be found, and this partnership may be funded in this way. This is typically seen as a short term solution, and finding donors to match with these partnerships is a priority for Bright Hope World.
Partially Funded Donor funding covers part of the cost for this partnership, but additional donor funding is required, or the partnership has the potential or need to increase in scope.
Fully Funded The entire budget for this partnership is funded by donors.
Completed - Self-sustaining The partnership is now self-sustaining, typically through income generation.
Completed - No Funding Required The partnership no longer requires external funding or has been completed.
Funding Status Not Recorded Funding status has not yet been recorded for this partnership.