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Mozambique, Africa

MOZ02f - Business start-up loan programme

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Funding Status:

No Current Donor

Partnership Type:

Micro-enterprise / Micro-loans, Evangelism / Church Planting

Funding Size:

$3,000 - $7,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 3,300


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Population: 23.4 million

Life Expectancy: 47.8 years

GDP: US$477 per capita

Unemployed: 60.0%

90.0% earn less than US$2/day

Current Partnership Impact

11 families are being assisted

11 families are accessing microloans

Partnership Overview

Long time missionariesChrissy and Suzen Lukanga are Zambian missionaries who have been involved in church planting in Pemba, Mozambique for a number of years. As part of their ministry there, they have been running discipleship classes on Saturdays to train local people in evangelism and church planting. They have also sent some people to OM and YWAM for Bible and missions training. When these people return, they go out to other villages and districts, predominantly focusing on Muslim areas, to plant churches. However, the challenge is how to support these people.  

Chrissy is wanting to help these church planters set up small businesses to allow those who are relocating to the villages to do ministry. Currently those who have gone out have no financial support and are struggling. The leaders who have gone through Operation Mobilisation (OM) are given some skills training, so they have some ideas. There are a couple who have joinery/carpentry skills but need financial help to get set up.  

It is also important that these leaders have a reason to be in these communities, apart from the gospel, as they are more quickly accepted and there are less questions asked. 

History of Partnership

BHW has been partnering with Chrissy and Suzen since 2007 so has had a long relationship with them. After a number of years of not being able to visit them, in part due to COVID related travel restrictions, BHW's Mozambique partnership facilitator spent three days with them in July 2023. During that time a discussion was had around ways these church planters could financially support themselves and following that visit Chrissy presented a proposal to us to fund a loan programme to assist these people set up small businesses.  This was approved by the BHW Executive in November 2023. 


The 11 church planters who will receive loans as part of the initial loan fund will be the first beneficiaries but as these loans are repaid, other leaders will benefit from receiving a loan.  

What We Like About the Partnership

Chrissy and Suzen have been involved in this area for a very long time and have a good strategy for their ministry. 

The people being supported are disciples of Chrissy and Suzen, they have come to faith and been nurtured by them and now they are stepping out to take the Good News to other people and communities. 

This enterprise is to support local people who are passionate about serving God in their community. 

Much of this work is focused on Muslim people and communities. There is no church to support the mission activity. 

The people going out are not well off financially and this will give them an opportunity to establish a small enterprise to support themselves. 


Key People

Leadership Profile

Chrissy and Suzen Lukanga have five children. Sonia (born 22.7.1991) is helping them with their ministry in Mozambique while the younger four are back in Zambia trying to make their way in the world. They are all struggling somewhat as there is little opportunity for them there.

As well as those going out on missions, there are several others who are based in Pemba and emerging into leadership:

enthusiasticTitus Nguenha is a policeman who was a key leader in the church. He is married with two children. He was to be transferred to another region but was reluctant to go to that region and the church felt that he would get a large promotion and then be posted to another place within six months. In the first month he received a double promotion, and within three months was transferred to another area, where he now has a small group. He comes back from time to time and is very valuable to them still. 

Swale (pictured right) is from a strong Muslim background and came to the Lord through one of the church leaders named José (Jose has left Pemba and is the leader of OM Mozambique).  Three years ago, he wanted to go to Bible School but it was during the time of unrest in Pemba, and his policeman father was opposed to the idea, so he stayed here. He is a very enthusiastic young man and while still young, has a lot of potential. He is one of the worship leaders at the Pemba church. 

Rosario is a teacher from the Makua tribe. He and his older brother Lazaro came to Chrissy because his unbelieving mother was sick. Chrissy prayed for the mother and God instantly healed and delivered her. Lazaro and Rosario came back asking for Bibles. They had looked everywhere for healing for their mother, so they wanted to know more. Chrissy led them to Christ, and Rosario is very keen to learn and has been discipled.  

keen to serveEarlier this year he said he wanted to leave his teaching profession and work full time, but Chrissy advised that he should continue to serve God has a teacher until something opens up. He is married to Atika with three children.  

Lucia was an orphan and 12 years ago Chrissy and Suzen took her in with her baby son.  Her baby was sick every week until they shifted in with Chrissy and Suzen, then all sickness went. Her son is now 14 years old. Lucia has her own ministry with orphans, widows and divorced women.


Vision And Annual Strategy


The vision here is to provide a way for the church planters to be able to financially support themselves as they go out to rural villages with the Gospel. 


The funds will be given to the church planters as a loan, rather than a grant, and are to be repaid within a 12-month period. These funds will then be reused as a revolving fund to be loaned out to others by the Fund Committee.   


Annual Budget

The initial start-up budget is US$3,300 and the funds will be lent out to the church planters as required. The hope is that this fund will then be self-sustaining and as the funds are repaid it will create a pool that can be re-lent.