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Syria, Middle East

SYR01 - Firm Foundation

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Orphans & Vulnerable Children

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$3,000 - $7,999

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US$ 5,500

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Population: 21.32

Life Expectancy: 72 years

GDP: US$533.39 per capita

Unemployed: 8.5%

85% earn less than US$2/day

Current Partnership Impact

40 families are being assisted

61 children are being supported into schooling

Partnership Overview

devastationThe earthquake that struck Syria on 6th February 2023 caused widespread devastation, leaving many people without homes, basic necessities, and access to education. Children are particularly vulnerable in this situation, as they have lost their homes and schools, and their education has been disrupted. Many of these children have not had the opportunity to continue their education due to the lack of resources and facilities available in their communities. This project aims to provide education to 60 underprivileged students who have not been able to continue their education after the earthquake in Syria.

Education is a fundamental right for all children and is essential for their personal development and future success. It also helps these children contribute positively to their communities and secure a better future for themselves and their families. Education is also a critical tool in reducing poverty, promoting social cohesion, and building peace and stability in post-conflict settings.

much neededProviding education to children affected by the earthquake in Syria is, therefore, a crucial intervention to support their recovery and improve their future. This partnership will provide children with access to education, ensuring that they do not miss out on vital years of schooling. By providing a comprehensive education that covers all the subjects, Firm Foundation will help children to catch up on their studies and prepare them for their future educational endeavours.

Moreover, they will also provide spiritual and emotional care to the children, recognizing the psychological impact of the earthquake and the displacement on their well-being. By providing a safe and secure environment, daily hot meals, and regular help with clothing and other important needs, Firm Foundation will help to alleviate the immediate needs of the children, allowing them to focus on their education. 

History of Partnership

Since January 2020 BHW has been partnering with Izdihar Kassis and her ministry, Together, for the Family (TFF), in Lebanon (LEB02). TFF is a nonprofit organization founded and registered in Lebanon in 2010 as a response to the dire needs and challenges that families face in society there. Because Izdihar, TFF’s Executive Director, and most of the staff and volunteers are Syrian, the tragic event of the earthquake in Syria has led TFF to want to also assist the vulnerable there. The fact they are Syrian also enables them to have open access to Syrians who are displaced or suffering inside Syria and is a key reason for their ability to successfully run this ministry. Izdihar's sister, Nahla, lives in Syria and will oversee this project.  

so much needBeneficiaries

The beneficiaries here are 60 underprivileged students between the grades of 4-9, who have been affected by the earthquake in Syria. These students have not had the opportunity to continue their education due to the destruction of schools and lack of resources.  

What We Like About The Partnership

The people leading this have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. 

The programme is comprehensive. They want to deal with the emotional, spiritual, educational, social and physical needs of the children and their families. 

The leaders have the ability to deliver, they are people of influence and experience. 

The leaders are on the ground with the people, this is an inside job.  


Key People

key ladyIzdihar Kassis, Executive Director, Together, For the Family

Izdihar and her family are Syrian Americans. They live in Zahle, Be'qaa Valley. Their son is a biophysicist in the US and their daughter is studying in Beirut. 

The work began with Izdihar funding it by selling her paintings, she is an artist. The ministry operates out of their house, there are two temporary facilities on rented land, and they use converted shipping containers. Every cent given goes to a child, a teenager or a woman in need. Many times, they use their own money to meet the needs presented at their door. This is costing them a great deal in many ways. 

Izdihar is a ball of energy but since she became involved in the trauma counselling, she carries a heavy burden. The stories she hears constantly has deeply affected her.  

dedicated to helping othersNahla

Nahla is Izdihar's sister. Born and raised in Jordan in a Christian pastor's household, Nahla gained valuable lessons in responsibility and leadership. After completing her dentistry education at Damascus University, she married a Syrian businessman and devoted her life to ministry in dentistry. She currently serves as the Director of Intervarsity Ministry in Syria where she leads a community of 300-400 university students.

In 2015, she founded an organization focused on holistic care, providing relief, medical ministry, and vocational training. Her dedication and remarkable work during the earthquake have exemplified her commitment to serving those in need, making her a beacon of hope and inspiration.


Vision And Annual Strategy


“I will build my life upon your love; it is a firm foundation.”

To support the health, physiological, spiritual and educational being of children affected by the earthquake disaster. 


bringing hope- To create a safe and supportive environment for the students, promoting self-expression and addressing the emotional and spiritual well-being of the students.

- To deliver a comprehensive curriculum that meets regional educational standards, covering all necessary subjects and preparing students for future academic endeavours. 

- To monitor the progress of the students regularly, providing additional support where needed to ensure they meet educational standards.

- To improve the living conditions of the students by providing daily meals, clothing, and necessary items, as well as monitoring their overall well-being and offering additional support. 

- To facilitate art therapy sessions, allowing students to cope with trauma and express themselves creatively. 

- To ensure regular attendance and prevent educational gaps, providing additional support to struggling students. 

- To address the spiritual needs of the students through counselling, informal discussions, and incorporating Bible stories. 

- To promote a sense of community and social support among the students and their families, offering regular support and assistance. 

- To empower students by providing access to basic necessities, improving their overall quality of life. 


The plan is to rent three different rooms located in shelter homes, where they will provide education, emotional support, and daily hot meals for the students. They will be working with students between the grades of 4-9 and will have three teachers covering all the subjects. Additionally, they will provide art therapy and regular help throughout the year, including clothing and other important needs.


Personal Testimony

Real "Life Change" Stories

sad timeNagham is 9 years old, during their first trip to the Lattakia countryside TFF found her sitting on top of the rubble of her home. She was crying and refused to leave. She told them that she does not want to leave because her younger brother is dead under the rubble. She added: “They tell me that he is in heaven now, but I want him to be with me!” She also shared that she has another older brother who was seriously injured and is now in intensive care. On their second trip they met Nagham again by the rubble. She is much better now and told them that her younger brother is in heaven and that her older brother is recovering. Her only wish in life is to see her older brother in full health! 

Khalid spent 8 days under the rubble until he was miraculously saved! TFF managed to support him to pay his parents’ debt (both parents were killed in the earthquake). After a long search for immediate and distant family members, he found his grandfather who lives in Aleppo. He lives now with his grandfather and enjoys his companionship.