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Myanmar, Asia

MYA01c - Chinese Tractor for Income Generation

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Completed - No Funding Required

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Community / Agriculture Development, Micro-enterprise / Micro-loans

Funding Size:

$0 - $2,999

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US$ 0

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No funding required


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Population: 50.5 million

Life Expectancy: 61.2 years

GDP: US$446 per capita

Unemployed: 5.7%

unknown% earn less than US$2/day

Partnership Overview

Poverty is a huge issue in Myanmar and even more so amongst Christians there as often they are expelled from their communities and struggle to survive.  One of our partners there is seeking to address this issue in his area.  He has bought a piece of land for these people to farm and is also looking to develop a water harvest project as a way of generating income. 

This partnership involves providing a one-off amount for him to buy a two-wheel Chinese tractor.  In addition to being used on the farm for agricultural purposes, it would also be used to deliver water.  They would also be able to hire it out at various times during the year which would generate more income.

History Of Partnership

BHW is currently financially supporting 6 partners in various parts of Myanmar (MYA01b). One of these partners lives in an area right in the middle of where hurricane Nargis struck in 2008. In the first three years of working there he baptised 134 people. They have been able to reach out into a number of villages but it is difficult to worship in the villages because they get too much opposition. They currently have five cell groups in the city and three other groups in small villages. A lot of people will walk 4 kms to come to church in the nearby city.

The people they are working amongst are very poor and once they become Christ followers they are often expelled from their community and so struggle to live.  Our partner will often try to supply food for them and help them with transport costs but this is a huge financial drain on his resources.  

Lots of usesThey have recently paid a deposit on a piece of land and the plan is that these poor families would each have some of this land on which to start doing some gardening and grow rice and become self-sustainable.  In addition to helping these families they feel this will also help the community to accept them because they will be able to very easily see what they are doing and how they are helping. 

There is also a huge problem with water in that area.  The water they get from wells is very salty as it is in a very low lying area.  They want to develop a water harvest project and then sell the water to local people as a way of generating income. 

When BHW's Field Director visited in April 2010 this partner presented him with a proposal to buy a Chinese tractor which would significantly increase their ability to generate income and aid them in their vision to help people become self-sustaining. 


There are numerous beneficiaries here as the provision of this tractor will enable many families to generate income and lift them from their life of poverty.

Chinese tractorWhat We Like About The Partnership

Our partner here has a real vision for the community and a desire to help the Christians in his area.  He has taken the initiative and paid a deposit on a piece of land and is looking for viable ways to generate income and help people become self-sustainable.  He is seeking to show God's love in practical ways.


Key People

Leadership Profile

Due to the location of this partner we are unable to put specific details on the website.


Vision And Annual Strategy

To buy a Chinese tractor which will be used in various ways to generate income and help many families become self-sustainable.


Annual Budget

A one-off amount of US$4,400 was required here. This has now been fully funded by The Anchor Church in Wellington, NZ.