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Uganda, Africa

UGA07a - Marumba Christian School, Rukungiri

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Orphans & Vulnerable Children, Training / Education

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Partnership Overview

One room schoolMarumba Christian School is a community school located in the village of Marumba which is three kilometres from the town of Rukungiri in Western Uganda. The school has been established to help less privileged children attain a better quality of education and to be imparted with spiritual values. The idea to establish a Christian school was born on 30th June 2011. It was the vision of three men, Reuben Tumuheirwe, Justus Matsiko and James Muhabuzi, who have a heart of compassion for disadvantaged children, especially those from rural areas. 

This school hopes to meet the needs of the people in this area providing them with an opportunity to gain a good education, a chance to move out from poverty and to have a brighter hope for the future. 

History of Partnership

BHW has been partnering with some young men in Rukungiri in the south west of Uganda towards the DRC/Rwanda border area for a number of years. In 2008 we sent three of them from that area to GLO Zambia for training. 

grateful for opporunityTwo of those men are now currently based in the town of Rukungiri and are involved in church planting there. As part of this, in 2012 we commenced a partnership there with them, a cow develoment programme to both support them and develop the community (see UGA07). As Justus and Reuben have engaged with their community, it has become apparent that many children are not able to afford to go to school. Most of these children are in the area where the cow project is based, some 3 km from the town centre where they live and where the current church is developing. 

They have therefore started a school in the area which has now been running for a year. It got going well but unfortunately many parents cannot afford to pay enough to make the school viable.  They also need to add another grade in 2013 and to continue developing the school. Currently, although the school is operating, it is not paying the teachers much if anything and the rent is not being covered. In 2013 there will be over 100 children in the school.

Their intention is to assist as many of the families as possible with cows as that project develops so the parents can then generate enough income to pay the school fees.  However this will take time so some external funding is required for four years until all the families are beneficiaries of a cow.  

New opportunityBeneficiaries

The 100 children at the school who in addition to receiving a quality education will also be taught Christian values. This will also have a flow on effect to the whole community. 
The teachers at the school who will now be paid.  

What We Like About The Partnership

In addition to providing a decent education for the children of this village, this school will also enhance the impact of the church work in the community and provide a focal point for the community.

The school will enable them to provide jobs for some of the local Christian people and pay them well. Having a school also provides an incentive for other young people to become school teachers.


Key People

Leadership Profile

Justus Matsiko
Keen young manJustus was born in 1983. He has 5 siblilngs, 4 brothers and 1 sister. At the age of 5 both his parents died and he was then raised by his grandmother for a short time before being taken to another family.

In 2007 he finished his advanced levels at secondary school and then in 2008 he was sent to Zambia by the elders of Rukungiri chapel for discipleship training which lasted for 10 months.

Justus is married to Grace. He is involved in church activities like preaching and teaching the Bible using the expertise he gained from his training at GLO Zambia. In the ministry he has been able to lead some gospel outreaches especially coordinating university students from Makerere University to other schools. He has a burden to shepherd young believers to maturity so that they can serve the Lord.

Reuben Tumuheirwe 
Reuben with kidsReuben was born in 1971 and is the older brother of Justus Matsiko. At the age of 9 he began his primary education and in 1986-88 he joined high school at Kihiihi High School. Due to the loss of both parents he did not continue with education and began to do manual work for survival. In 2000 he got married to Kemigisha Monica and they now have two children, Victor and Ruth.

In the same year he met Brother Johnson who shared the gospel and he became a believer. Since then he has continued to grow spiritually and has been ministering with Rukungiri Bible Chapel since 2000. It has not been an easy  task and in 2004 he was imprisoned. He has been able to plant at least 5 local churches in the Rukungiri District.


Vision And Annual Strategy

Vision: Growing whole people for God and Uganda

Mission: To educate people holistically, addressing their social, spiritual and  physical needs so they may grow to be responsible people willing to serve God and Uganda.

Fun outdoorsStrategy for first five years:
1) Purchase land
2) Establish School
3) Register School with Ministry of Education
4) Setting the School’s Academic standards - Primary
5) Establishing  the Course of Study - Primary 
6) Writing co-curricular programs
7) Spiritual growth among teachers and students
8) Increasing enrolments
9) Infrastructure construction: Classrooms, Administration, Kitchen and dining room, Toilets 


Tough lifePersonal Testimony
Natukunda Scovia

Natukunda is in primary two. She has lost both her parents and currently lives with her grandmother. At times she comes to school and says that some nights they sleep hungry, and she survives on her breakfast and the lunch she gets at Marumba Christian School. She does not have a school uniform and is unhappy most of the time.

So many of the children who have similar problems to her.






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