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The partnerships shown below are the ones we have most recently formed. Typically Bright Hope World spends at least two to three years developing a new partnership before it is made available to prospective donors. This period of relationship building and due diligence is critically important in ensuring that any partnerships we embark upon are successful and donors can be assured they are investing wisely.

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Egypt, Middle East

EGY03 - NCEC Poverty Relief Programmes

NCEC is a mother church for many small churches in small towns and villages around Cairo. The church has strong relationships with these churches and to support them has set up a social committee and a loan programme. They operate separately and attempt to meet the needs of the poor in these churches. - Read More

Partnership Ref.:




Funding Status:

No Current Donor

Partnership Type:

Humanitarian, Micro-enterprise / Micro-loans

Funding Size:

$3,000 - $7,999

Uganda, Africa

UGA09 - Girl Child Empowerment

For a number of years Touch Africa Now has been developing ministry in the Nyakagando area. This is an area of great need, most of the local people are DR Congo and South Sudanese refugees, and the girls and women are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. They want to develop small income generating activities for the most vulnerable. - Read More

Partnership Ref.:




Funding Status:

No Current Donor

Partnership Type:

Orphans & Vulnerable Children, Training / Education, Community / Agriculture Development

Funding Size:

$0 - $2,999

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