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Report Date: February 28, 2024

Update from Pakistan

With God's grace we all are doing well in our family, in our churches, and even all our project partners in many places of Pakistan. We appreciate and acknowledge your faithful and continued love, prayers and support to us throughout the year 2023 and beyond.

This helped us to move ahead, expand the work of the Lord in this toughest part of the world. Truely God has been very faithful using us as instruments to preach the good news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus and bring some hope, love and encouragement to discouraged and desperate people, in many ways such as:


Recent Events

Sewing Classes (PAK01)

In 2023 we completed six sewing courses, in Punjab and NWFP provinces of Pakistan. Almost 100 women students participated, among them 73 earned certificates and sewing machines. The main purpose of these courses is to help women in churches to be sufficient in their earning with respectable skills. Thank you so much to the Bright Hope World for their 100% funding for all these sewing centres.  

Horizon School (PAK06)

Barbara and her 11 staff members continue their full commitment to Horizon School to 150 different age students and families. They are working hard to provide an excellent education, under peaceful Christian environment /values. Although sometimes it is not easy but they have a mission to pursue and with that they have completed two terms exams in 2023, and third final term exams will be held in February 2024. The new school year will begin in March 2024.

Ministry (PAK08)

Azam and his faithful co-minister team continue the gospel work in different cities which is considered a priority task to help and build the body of Christ to grow spiritually. Like most churches, Sunday services, Sunday schools, prayer meetings (men and women) are regular in all our different churches. 

Apart from all these church activities in the months of January, April, August and November 2023, we held 12 Biblical Teaching Seminars in different cities of Pakistan for pastors, elders, laymen, and Sunday school teachers. These bible seminars consisted of three days, 4-5 hours each day. The goal is to provide training to local ministers, wherever they are, who cannot attend the bible schools/colleges. So theological study opportunities are provided, to learn and be used in the church of God. 

Azam is very grateful for the monthly support he receives to continue the work of the Lord with his team.   

Other Activities

In 2023 there was huge persecution on Christians in Jaranwal, Pakistan. A number of times we visited these our brothers and sisters to stand with them during these difficult times. With the financial help of others, 150 persecuted Christian families were financially supported. Thank you also for sending us your contribution towards assisting these our suffering people. 

For the first time in 2023, on a monthly basis, 16 co-workers in the gospel were financially encouraged. Among them were mainly pastors and Sunday school teachers (male and female) and this helped them for their transportation to go and preach the gospel.     

One of our friends gave us 60 Christmas gift packs/bags for Christian children that contained a water bottle, lunch box, chocolates, cookies, colour pencils etc). These were for village children and were given out on 28 December when we went there after Christmas.   


Plans for the Future

1) To continue the development of Horizon School, renovation of buildings, furniture etc

2) To continue to plant and expand the church ministries in new locations

3) To carry on the social work projects with vulnerable needy people


Thank you so much for being our faithful friends and partners, helping us to continue the spiritual, physical, and social projects responsibilities. Your love, prayers and funding has helped to play a key role in the lives many. Thank you very much.

May the Prince of Peace bless you with all His blessings of peace.

The Gill Family