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Report Date: February 2, 2024

Newsletter July - December 2023

Greetings from the PBCS Board Office.

Happily, we express our heartfelt gratitude to you, and we pray for your family and ministry in Christ as well. We are so glad to share with you that we have successfully completed our last six working months in PBCS Ministry. Here, we are sending you the PBCS Board office Newsletter of July-December 2023. We hope, you will be happy to know the fruition working in Lord’s harvest.

long timeRecent Events

Correspondence Curriculum

PBCS has been evangelizing since 1957 across the country Pakistan. In November 2023, we arranged a huge quantity of Curriculum printing from Masihi Isha’at Khana Lahore (a Christian publishing house). We give thanks to God for the completion of this initial task of the PBCS Board office and to coordinate its 5 PBCS regional Centres (Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, & Karachi). Now, we can fulfil the need of PBCS students for May 2024. 

PBCS Monthly Magazine & Literature Promotion

follow up toolAs a follow-up tool, we are publishing the PBCS monthly magazine for Christian and ethical teachings on different topics respectively. For July-Dec 2023, we have published five issues which were sent to our 900 readers. Some glimpses of PBCS literature promotion are below:

- Mr HR belongs to the majority community visited the PBCS office on 25th July 2023 and discussed about the Trinity and a little bit on other aspects of Christian Faith. He especially admired the PBCS literature and Theological Journal in this regard.

- During a visit to the Gujranwala Theological Seminary, we were able to share the Monthly magazines with the seminary students on 13th Oct. 2023.

- Pastor RJ organized fellowship meeting at his congregation Emanuel Church Easa Nagri on 26th November 2023, where the Bibles, and the PBCS literature were distributed to promote the PBCS vision. 

Children Outreach Project

remote areasWe are running our Children Outreach centres in remote areas where children aged 6-14 have been learning Christian education through the printed children's stories by PBCS. There are total beneficiaries of 280 children learning about the Christian faith through our printed children's stories, Genesis, Abraham, Noah and Joseph. We were able to do:

- Children Outreach project “Genesis” Story distribution on 10th July 2023
- On 16th July 2023, Sunday school worship in CT.
- Children Story “Genesis” distribution at LT Church on 13th August 2023.
- Children Story Noah distribution at BC on 14-08-2023.
- Sister NAR got Genesis-Bible-Story-questionnaire for 30 children for her Sunday school centre.

Church Enrichment Seminars

The PBCS has the heart to serve as an outreach ministry to train the Pastors as well. We arrange Pastor's seminars quarterly to train them theologically. In the last six months, we arranged two seminars for 150 pastors on the following dates:
- Church Enrichment Seminar on 17-10-2023
- Church Enrichment Seminar on 15-12-2023


Personal Stories

real helpTestimonies from Magazine Subscribers:

“I find the magazine the best source for getting Christian Theological knowledge and clear my misconceptions regarding Christian belief” (Mr H)

“I am so happy to get a copy of the Christmas issue 2023, thankfully the magazine helps to prepare sermons occasionally and for preaching as well” (Pastor RS)


Prayer and Praise Points

1)  PBCS Family Camp 31st Jan-2nd Feb 2024 
2) PBCS NC Student Camp 2024
3) Prison Ministry Curriculum Approval & Promotion
4) Bible Stories Printing
5) Bible distribution project
6) Discipleship Training Project
7) Four-wheel vehicle for field work
8) Office equipment (Laptop, Photocopier, Motor Bike)
9) Beginning of 6th PBCS regional centre 
10) PBCS Curriculum printing requirement for May-December 2024
11) Pray for our foreigners & local ministry partners


We need your encouragement and prayers! God bless you in abundance!

With thanks,
The Board of Directors of the Pakistan Bible Correspondence School