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Report Date: May 30, 2023

Update from BHW Thailand Partnership Facilitator Following Visit

much anticipated visitI was able to visit ITDP at the end of 2022. Much has been happening with Integrated Tribal Development Foundation, both in the field and at their base in Chiang Mai.

Recent Events


The new ITDF base has been some 20 years in the making, and now with a new site close to their previous one they have built facilities for staff accommodation, training, gardens, a café for their Lanna coffee, and a large warehouse with coffee processing and storage facilities that is the biggest and most exciting change. The large custom built coffee processing facility will make it possible to deal with a much larger quantity of coffee in a shorter time, plus have the facilities to store the beans safely and in the best conditions possible to the benefit of the co-operative as a whole. 

Kraw Lor Bur

special visitWhile the dry season had begun there was still some rain that we nearly missed as we made an overnight trip to see the villages and see how things had been progressing.

The national school holidays had just begun but the teacher at Kraw Lor Bur, Kru Faye, had arranged for many of the students to attend for our visit and deliver several songs that they had been practicing.

The school at Kraw Lor Bur currently has 27 students from the 38 households in the village. 13 of these households are Christian, quite a change from when this project was begun in the village.

special timeThe ages of the students range from 2 to 12 years, with the single biggest group in the kindergarten.

The children attend school regularly and are fed a midday meal at the school prepared by the teachers and eaten outside or in the narrow space between the classrooms and the teacher’s rooms.

New, brightly coloured playground equipment has been put into place in an area near the entrance gate and the school itself appeared to be in good condition, and certainly well used by the children.

lovely kidsI was most impressed with the head teacher at the school, Kru Faye, and her support teacher Kru Dew. 

From my time in the village the kids seemed happy and clean, and their songs and dance about tribal life were charming. Having Kru Faye at the school is a huge blessing, particularly as there have been times where it has been difficult to keep a teacher there due to the isolation. She seems a very dedicated young teacher and is keen to develop the students under her care. She plans to remain in Kraw Lor Bur.

Kray Maw Kee

specialHeavy rain and time meant that we were unable to get to Kray Maw Kee in person on this trip. The school now has 50 students and has been developing well with a lot of community engagement. There are plans for the school to be handed over to the Education Ministry later in the year. When the details of this have been worked out, as well as the implications for future support and opportunities, we will update this report.


Personal Stories

Kru Faye

strong ChristianFaye completed her 4-year education study in Chiang Rai then another year as an intern with ITDF. She is a strong Christian and grew up in a Christian home.

She is very organized and has quickly become part of the local community both as teacher and supporting the Christians families which she visits when the itinerant pastor is unable to get to the village.

She said that she is having fun teaching in the village, and when asked about her plans for the future said that she intends to do the best that she can in Kraw Lor Bur.

When asked about the differences between teaching in the village and in the town, she commented that there are different tribal groups, that she now teaches a wider age range and that the school in town is better resourced.

Kru Dew

very keenKru Dew is a young lady who has been at Kraw Lor Bur for two years. She started school in Mo Ho Jo, the main ITDF school in the neighbouring province, in second grade and completed three years of vocational training in town before coming back to assist with the teaching in Kraw Lor Bur. 15 out of her class of 25 at Mo Ho Jo continued into further education.

She intends to later study as a teacher and come back to the villages to teach.


Plans for the Future

There are plans for further development at the school as funds allow, both in terms of resources and structure. The levelled ground behind the classrooms is hoped to be used for building a covered area so that the children have a dry place to eat and play when it rains.


Prayer and Praise Points

fun timesPray for:

- villagers to come to know Christ
- for a change and opening in the hearts of non-believers in the village
- a healing and release of the addicts in the village


- people are coming to know Christ
- kids are learning Thai and are picking up the standard subjects well
- good and stable teaching environment


fun times