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Report Date: May 5, 2023

Report from BHW Uganda Partnership Facilitator Following Visit

This report is a compilation of a number of conversations with both Justus and Reuben in Jinja in October 2022, a good follow-up conversation with Justus on 23 February 2023, and various email communications both with Justus and Reuben, as well as with Johnson, who is the chair of Emmanuel Mission. I also have regular communications with Christopher and Hilder who are leaders in Kihihi, which is on the Congolese border.

Recent Events


key peopleThe significant parts of Emmanuel Mission which relate to the EM Fund are:
(i) a goat project in Ntoroko, in the north-western part of Uganda,
(ii) support for John Paul in Congo,
(iii) and the lending arrangements to support small business development for people in the partnership. Previously we have reported on Hilder (directly behind Christopher) and Christopher (second male on left), who have been a wonderful success story in this partnership. They are leaders in Kihikihi and are not, as far as I understand, involved in the leadership of Emmanuel Mission but are actively pursuing Foundations for Farming, and supporting, teaching and training numbers of people in the community. 

Foundations for Farming 

great FfF teacherFoundations for Farming is being strongly supported through the EM Fund and we are pleased to hear of some of the developments in that area. One of the really encouraging pieces of news is that Elias, whose business is installing underground water storage systems in southwest Uganda, has been installing tanks at Marumba school but is also teaching Foundations for Farming to some of the children attending the school. The school has acquired some further land which is able to be used for growing. I can’t wait to visit next year and see how this is all progressing.

Small Businesses

There are also small businesses being supported through the EM Fund. In particular, the fund supports some people by providing small business loans. Because I was not able to get out to Rukungiri or the surrounds during my visit in 2022, I have not been able to fully verify how matters are proceeding. However, the report that I have had from Justus indicates that several different types of businesses, such as small restaurants, tailoring, livestock and growing produce are being supported. I have asked for a list of people with loans, and the amounts of the loans. Because he is presently involved in a business development project in the north of Uganda, he will not be able to give this information to me until the end of April.


Current Issues and Challenges

One of the difficulties that we have got is that EM Fund or Emmanuel Mission, has agreed to release the Congolese farmers from Emmanuel Mission, because of language problems, and it would appear that any funds that have been advanced through EM Fund, may not now be repaid to the fund to enable further loans to take place. The same may hold true for the Ntoroko goat project, which has previously been reported on, and the recipients seem to have moved to another organisation. However, I understand that this has been a success for the farmers themselves.



I realise that this is not an altogether positive report about some of the issues that have been faced by our partners, and I have been a little bit hampered by not being able to visit for nearly 4 years.  My next visit is planned for early next year (2024) and I will certainly be prioritising visiting and carrying out a full review of EM Fund. In the meantime, we are continuing with the partnership with Justus and Reuben and EM Fund. However, we will not be providing any further funding until we are able to visit next year, although continue to have confidence in our partners that they are working hard to advance the Kingdom in holistic ways.