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PAK09a - EGM Sewing Centre Faisalabad: Partnership Reports

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Report Date: May 5, 2023

Report from BHW Pakistan Partnership Facilitator Following Visit

Key person: Edward Qasar

A team from BHW visited two sewing programmes during their visit to the area on the 20th March 2023. 

Four courses have been held in the area over the past couple of years. The course in Lohkar Kalaan is the first course in the next round of four during 2023 and 2024. 


Recent Events


very proudThe first village we visited was in the little town of Walipur Bura near the town of Mananwala. We were not able to hear in detail from everyone, but those who had completed the course in July 2022 came with their certificates and very proudly showed them to us. All of them were very happy, all were using their skills and a couple of them had got factory jobs. This has made a huge difference in their lives and the life of their family. The rest of the women were working in their homes sewing jeans for a factory and were earning good money for an 8-hour day. They can flex the sewing around family life. They get the main pieces of the jeans from the factory, and they sew the major seams on the jeans. Most of these women are from poor families, many of them work in the brick kilns. There is a plan to hold another course in this village some time soon. 

keen to learnThe second programme we visited was in village number 77 RB Lohkar Kalaan, the house of pastor Nataniel, one of the EGM pastors. They were part way through their course and were beginning to turn out good products. There are 10 girls in the course, and they were very excited to be part of it. We spent some time watching them sewing and hearing from the trainer. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

In one project there is a key family that is from a Catholic background. Two of the children are the teachers in the school and also the one who facilitates the school and the sewing when it was in this village. They are not yet believers, but many conversations have been had and they are very open to the gospel. 

teacherThe others we talked to are pastors, usually those who are organizing the sewing, and they love these programmes. Edward and EGM only intentionally train Christians because Muslims have many opportunities for this sort of development. His vision is primarily for the Christian community in each village and town. 


Plans for the Future

Edward’s intention is to continue these programmes in this general area of rural Punjab. Previously four courses were run over a period of two years. The current programme in Lohkar Kalaan is the first of a second lot of four that have been approved by the BHW executive. 


Current Issues and Challenges

The cost of living in Pakistan has gone up significantly. This has meant an increase in the cost of running a programme. 

People in the brick kiln villages are very vulnerable and poor. 


very happyPrayer and Praise Points

1) That these courses are having a positive impact on so many Christians lives. 

2) That several women have been able to gain regular employment as a result of their training. 

3) Pray that the key family who are Catholics will become true believers. 



These courses seem to be very helpful for those who participate. There are good stories of people getting employment, especially around Faisalabad as there are hundreds of textile and garment factories. 

They are also a great encouragement to the church leaders as it helps them meet regularly with their people, building relationships and mentoring their people.