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Report Date: February 28, 2023

Update from Vicente Enriques

Here is a short update of how I have been in the past year.

Recent Events


tough goingThe highlight that I remember was when I was going to Singkab team in Española Palawan, the place is so nice there is a river near the church planting site but the challenge is how to go there. I use a motor bike on a rough road and then we have to cross the river. There is one river but we have to cross it eight times at different turns. Also, during the graduation of the team there was a lot of testimonies from the new believers and they are praising God because of how people went to their homes to share the good news about salvation. I will never forget and will always love listening to how the Lord touched their hearts through the church planting teams.

tough travel

blessing othersback with the team






back with the teamPlans for the Future

We have plans to continue visiting the new teams. We have revised the whole teaching material and checked content if it is still applicable so we will be preparing new materials. I also plan to help to promote CPM to the other churches. We have started having booths at different events like Brethren interchurch fellowships, youth gatherings, and even during the Centennial celebration of Brethren in the Philippines last December and the men’s conference.


Current Issues and Challenges

better in personThe greatest challenge for me was during the lockdown. Even thou there is internet or a phone that we can use to communicate to the team and also Zoom to use so we can see each other, I am not sure if they could catch-up or understand the module trainings we did during those times. So when we were allowed to travel and visit them, we had to go through reviews, conversations, dialogues and even sharing times.

Sometimes, preparations for trips were hard especially late 2021 and until mid-2022. We had to prepare documents for travel and be approved by the municipality where we are going because they were strict with their health protocols. But we became used to it eventually.

Last December 2021, only a few could travel but I knew in my heart I needed to visit the better in personteams. I got caught up in a typhoon and stayed longer in an area. The Lord took care of me and gave me time to discuss more plans with the teams. The challenge was I could not reach those in Manila (family and ECPM team) because there was no signal so they went looking for me. But after a few days, signal was restored and I assured them I am ok.


Prayer and Praise Points

Please pray for my family, health and also the schooling of my children. Angelo and Abigail are still studying. I am very thankful that Aries has already graduated, B.S. Math, and we are now praying they can find a job.