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Report Date: February 21, 2023

Update on Marumba Christian School

big improvementsMarumba Christian School went through very, very tough times last year but the grace of God was more than enough, and He held our hand and took us through those quite challenging moments. 

This year God has revealed Himself to us in an extraordinary way that no one can explain.

We have been able to do a great facelift at the school and improvement in schools gives communities and parents much more hope that there is growth and development. From the pictures included, it is evident that the school is shining and smarter than before.

Again, something more worthy of celebration, our 2022 primary seven students did well in their national exams, and it was another great achievement. We have been celebrating with the big improvementscommunities for the good performance.

Lastly, Marumba Christian School acquired more land for expansion nearby. It is about 2.5 acres of land and it cost us US$50,000.

Therefore, we are working on the building plans which will be approved by municipal authorities this week and construction will commence at the end of this month because we already have finances to start with. Once plans are approved, I will share with you.

A lot of things have changed in this country especially in the education sector, for example, all teachers from kindergarten to primary seven are required to have degrees in education. Secondly, we are moving from theoretical teaching to hands on skills and it is becoming expensive for schools to manage.


big improvements

big improvements









Thank you so much

Many blessings to you

Matsiko Justus