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Report Date: August 25, 2022

OM Update July 2022 

The first half of 2022 has already been eventful in Madagascar bringing with it the re-opening of the boarders for international travel, multiple cyclones, and the increasing impacts of inflation on an already financially insecure country. But during this time the OM team have also experienced new opportunities and seen new fruit.

Recent Events

Perla (Freedom Challenge ministry)

The Perla project is working in both the capital Antananarivo and alongside the church planting ministry in the region of Androy. In the capital they meet together in two groups with local girls from two different locations. In these groups they learn about sexuality and protecting themselves, general hygiene, knowing their identity and Bible study. The Perla team also reach out through small business projects, outreaches to girls in the community and building partnerships with other organisations.

In Androy the focus is on literacy, with a literacy program that has almost finished (there is a high level of illiteracy in Androy) and a weekly awareness program in villages about the importance of children studying at school, it is noted that young girls are less likely to become a child bride (common practice in the Antandroy culture) if they are still in education. 


equipping peopleA range of ministries continue to work together to bring transformation in the villages of Androy, many of which are still unreached. Through training the local team and church leaders in the villages, people are being equipped to not just have God centred thriving churches in their community, but to continue to reach out and raise up leaders in new and unreached communities. There is still a lot of work to be done, “the harvest is ready but the workers are few” but we praise God for the transformation we already see. The Church Planting Network is now in over 100 villages and hundreds of people have already been baptised. The children’s and youth ministry also continue to grow into new communities so that we can see transformation in every generation through the gospel. These ministries are also effective keys to new communities that haven’t heard the Gospel, opening the door for a church plant.

The Antandroy people continue to face daily challenges such as where to find water which add extra challenges for the new church leaders and local believers. Though they are focused on the work of God they are also left with the question of where will I find water today? or what will I have to feed my family today? Since the major drought and famine in 2021 there has been a little rain, and some people were able to plant some seed and see a small harvest. But that joy was short lived, the dry season is back, and people are once again faced with travelling long distances to find water depending on the location of their village. It is a testament to the people that the church continues to grow during these struggles, but more work needs to be done to bring transformation to the Androy region. The OM team continues to provide aid and look at long term sustainability projects.


Personal Stories

hope for the futureSeheno is a 15-year-old girl who comes from a vulnerable family. Her dad works away from home for a very small income, and her mum tries to help by washing laundry. When we met Seheno, she was struggling to carry on with her studies because of the situation with Covid here. We gave some support by providing her school supplies, whilst her parents tried their best to pay the school fees.

She joined our Perla group, never missing a meeting. In one of the meetings, we taught about “who are you?” this brought a change to Seheno as she learned that she is a daughter of God. She already knew that God is great and powerful but knowing that she was also His daughter led her to accept Jesus as her saviour. She continues to learn more about God and His will.

Since then, Seheno has experienced many changes. Due to her studying well at school we helped her to start a small business so she can support herself at school and she is seeing success. Seheno has just passed her second National exam and we are very proud of her and the change she also brings to her family.


Prayer and Praise Points

Thank you for your interest in how God is using the OM team in Madagascar. Here is how you can be praying for us:

• Continue to pray for long term transformation in Androy, pray for physical and spiritual strength for the team as they reach out to new communities. Pray for rain and an end to the cycle of drought and famine.

• Pray for more people with experience and a love for the least reached to join the OM team with new talents.

• Pray for good health for the team, there is a lot of sickness here during the winter months.