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Report Date: March 29, 2022

Update from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitators

Key Person: Bob Abdalla

We were unable to visit Kenya in 2021 due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions so this report has been compiled from email correspondence with Bob. 

Recent Events


generating incomeIt has been nearly a year since the establishment of Bob’s tuk tuk income generation project. It has been a challenging time for everyone in Kenya since Covid first hit but things have now stabilised with the government restrictions in place. Bob and his family are currently doing well although Lilian has been having trouble with her back and is struggling to walk as a result.

Bob has reported a good first year. They have regular customers who will hire their service for a good price. When they are not hired, they will do regular passenger transportation. 

Bob has been able to start making a small profit and set some money aside. He would like to save towards purchasing another tuk tuk to expand the business.  

Bob is praying and looking for opportunities to get youth into businesses; buying and selling electrical items and putting some money aside to get them into technical courses. 


Current Issues and Challenges

Bob has said that the main challenge is the cost of maintenance. Prices for the things they need are increasing every day. He has said he is having to use money set aside at times for maintenance. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Praise that they are able to provide for their physical needs including food and sending their children to school. 

2) Pray for God's protection, provision and favour over this small business. Also pray for the future vision Bob has for the youth in his community, for wisdom for timing and resources.

3) Continued prayer for the health and wellbeing of Bob and his family. Please specifically pray for healing over Lilian. Also, prayer for provision for Bob’s daughter who has started university.

4) Pray for a peaceful election period.



From Bob’s report it appears this small business has had a good first year. I am sure there have been a few obstacles and learning opportunities, but they have been able to make some profit and set a bit aside. Even if it is only a small bit, it is a good start and hopefully in the next year they will be able to continue saving.