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Report Date: March 29, 2022

Update from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitators

Key Person: Bob Adballa

We were unable to visit Kenya in 2021 due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions so this report has been compiled from email correspondence with Bob. 

Recent Events

income generatorActivities

It has been a challenging time for everyone in Kenya since Covid first hit. Things have now stabilised with the government restrictions in place.  Bob and his family are currently doing well. 

This year the project's aim has been to re-establish and strengthen the women’s businesses. During the worst of the pandemic there was hardly any demand for the women’s tailoring business. Even making masks to aid the pandemic was not allowed due to the government’s restrictions on masks. Any income that was made was used for food and personal items. 

They were recently able to purchase two embroidery machines with the help of Bright Hope World. If these prove successful in increasing the profit the women can make, then there is the potential to purchase more. Bob has said they are doing well and serving their purpose.

hope for futureThis year they would like to help more women into businesses. They also want to start promoting good hygiene for vulnerable women and their families through rainwater harvesting and storage as well as through training for the community to build latrines.  


Personal Stories


My name is Susana and I got married 10 years ago. Unfortunately, my husband died leaving me with three children. Life became so hard for me. I was trained as a tailor, but I had no machine or materials to work on. I was so stressed and many times I tried committing suicide but was rescued by my neighbour.

new skillsMy change came when I gave my life to Christ and joined the believers. I later got a machine and materials and began my business. I am now able to feed myself and my children. I have become hopeful and happy. Thank you for prayer support. 


I am Anyago. For my marriage I desired happiness. As I grew older happiness faded away because of the many heart-breaking situations that I experienced. I lost four of my young children, relatives, my best friend, Adhis, and my beloved husband. As a result, I became so afraid of death, with no work to support my life and the remaining three children. The church stood with me in prayer, I got support and began a business of sewing and buying materials. I now have new energy to live once again, and my children are able to go to school as well.  I have realized my dream of always being happy. Thank you for support.



hopePartnership's Influence within the Community

From Bob: Many ladies are now able to support themselves and send their children to school. Many people have come to know Christ, and it appears that God is at work in our midst for they ask where the help for these women has come from. The answer is always from the church. Many come for house fellowship to be prayed for and they make a decision to follow the Lord. This has brought transformation in our community, with many turning away from their sins to follow the Lord.



Current Issues and Challenges

Bob has said the main challenge is that they are working with the most marginalised and vulnerable women in the community. They are completely dependent on the income from their tailoring businesses. The money they are able to set aside to purchase more material is often needed for food, making it challenging to be a fully self-sustaining project. 


good income generatorPrayer and Praise Points

1) Prayer for a peaceful election period.
2) Continued prayer for those who are grief stricken due to Covid, that they will experience God’s mercy and comfort.
3) Prayer for the 20 women involved in this project, for God’s protection, provision and favour over them, their families and their businesses.
4) Pray for healing for Bob’s wife Lilian so she can walk again with comfort. 



This project continues to be a lifeline for the women involved, providing them with an income, a community and hope. They have been through low points due to Covid, and we are praying this year they will go from strength to strength. Bob wants to start bringing in new women to start tailoring businesses. I asked him whether they may start oversaturating the tailoring market and whether he believes there will be enough work if he takes on more women. His reply: The women's tailoring businesses are in different places. We are making advertisements to have more customers. I also feel there is enough demand for this service to start more of these.

We will continue to monitor their progress and that of the embroidery machines. It would be good if they could get to a place where they are self-sustaining by putting money aside to purchase the materials they need to continue each year.