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Report Date: March 3, 2022

Report from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitator

Key Person: Isaac Basegere

“The year 2021 has been a challenge for us due to COVID-19 but by the grace of God we finished well and strong. PSALM 91 was our key verse. God is faithful indeed all the glory and honour be to Him” – Isaac

Recent Events


Last year was a difficult one for Nguluni School. Enrolment numbers declined due to parents losing their jobs or having pay reductions. Despite the disruptions they had a total of 25 pupils who sat their Kenya Certificate Examination with an average score of 293/500. Grades 4, 5, and 6 also sat their formative assessments which accounted for the national assessment. 

Health Centre

doing wellThe Ponu Health Centre is doing well. They are thankful the COVID case numbers have decreased and for God’s protection over them. They currently have a total of 10 staff, all of whom are receiving their wages on time. 

They were very grateful for the support funds from Bright Hope World. They purchased PPE gear and a 3-phase power generator to supply power to the clinic (see photo below), school and borehole in case of power shortages. They have also been able to renovate the roof of the clinic. 

Eunice has passed her nursing exams and obtained her practice licence. She is now working at Ponu Clinic as a registered nurse and assists Isaac in administration. They have future plans to expand the clinic to include a maternity ward and an ambulance. 


big assetPartnership's Influence within the Community

Together with the Ponu Health Clinic and Forward Green Hostel (KEN03e) this project continues to have a positive influence in the community by educating the children and providing healthcare services.


Current Issues and Challenges

The price of face masks and sanitizers has dropped but some PPE gear is still very expensive, especially gloves. 

As a result of COVID-19 many patients are not able to pay for their medication and a lot have also developed kidney failure. They are in the process of purchasing a Lab Chemist Analyse machine which will analyse kidney and liver function at an early stage so they can manage the situation.


Prayer and Praise Points

providing good service1) Despite the many difficulties they are facing, God’s grace has enabled them to pay staff on time and renovate part of the school (kitchen and kindergarten’s roof). 

2) They closed the school due to COVID restrictions with a total of 219 pupils and now they have 222

3) Please pray for the 17 students who will sit their Kenya Certificate Primary Examination in March this year. They are expecting good results for that class.

4) Praise the Lord that the number of COVID cases has gone down to 2% and none of their staff were infected. They praise God for his protection.  



Although this project has had its challenges, they are resourceful and for the most part are doing well. They have plans to expand the clinic.

We are not providing any ongoing financial support to this project but maintain a relationship of support with them.