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Report Date: February 17, 2022

Update from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitator

Key Person: Grace Abanga

Recent Events


food reliefWe are not currently providing financial support to Recada but continue to stay connected with and provide support to Grace. This included providing funds from the Bright Hope World COVID relief fund to assist in getting through the worst of that challenging time. 

The last two years have been difficult for the Recada farmers. They have experienced so much loss due to COVID and the impacts of global warming, i.e. lack of rain. The most challenging issue was not being able to pay back their loans due to a poor harvest resulting in a loss of profit. Grace said that although they came close they never gave up. 

Towards the end of last year things started looking more positive and many are now going from strength to strength and re-establishing their farms.  

Nyamasore Women's Water Project (KEN12a)

The old ladies programme is doing well but with lots of financial challenges. Some of the ladies are bed ridden and are confined to their homes. The water project is helping but the need is immense.


hard for the elderlyCurrent Issues and Challenges

Grace has said that climate change has had a huge impact on production in Kenya. She feels the way forward is the introduction of a greenhouse. They would also need a borehole.

The farmers are needing a boost to re-establish their farms or start them again from scratch. 

Marketing and timing is also an issue for the farmers but this is minor. 


Prayer and Praise Points

impressive garden1) Through the project there are many people who have seen the love of God, some have improved their standard of living and can now feed their families and even send their children to school without much of a financial struggle. This is something to thank God for. The level of poverty is being reduced slowly. 

2) Grace has asked for prayer for the Lord’s grace to be on them as they minister to the elderly  women. She said it can be hard for them to understand salvation.

3) Prayer for wisdom as they consider the next steps to re-establish the farms in a way that will be sustainable and fruitful.

4) Prayer for God’s provision of a good and plentiful harvest.



Due to a number of issues mentioned above, Grace would like to introduce greenhouses. John Vlaming (BHW's Foundations for Farming facilitator) has said that greenhouses can be more productive but do require a much higher level of knowledge, skill and careful management. I have suggested to Grace that she submit a proposal for these so we can see how she plans to establish and manage them. There is the potential for John Vlaming to visit, if he can, at the end of the year.