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Report Date: June 29, 2021

Report from BHW Philippines Partnership Facilitator

Recent Events 

broke downThere have not been many reports on this partnership and the original idea has been superceded as you will see from reading this report.  

In 2012 BHW gave funds to puchase eight printers which were located in various companies. The idea was that Marwin, the leader of ECPM, would then service the printers and provide printer consumables, particularly ink. As you will see from the report in 2017, the project became redundant as Marwin lost a major client. At that time the printers had come to the end of their useful lives. Some were sold and some given away. 

From the sale of the printers and accumulated funds an icecream vending machine was purchased and it operated for some time until it broke down and it was impossible to find spare parts. It contributed regular amounts to assist with team support and ministry. 

income generatorSome funds were also invested in a hollow block-making machine in Brookes Point, Palawan Island. Friends of ECPM, Julius and Gemma Paalan (photo below), operate the machine. From 2017 up until the onset of COVID the business has contributed regular amounts to ECPM supporting some of the staff and an emergency fund for staff who have medical needs. 


Current Issues and Challenges 

The greatest issue is the ongoing challenge of COVID as it has stopped much of the ECPM team's activity. As soon as possible the business will recommence. It has been operating at a very low level.  


generating incomePrayer and Praise Points

1) Praise for the ongoing income being generated.
2) Pray that the business will recommence soon and be succesful in generating more support for the team. 



It is good to see that the project continues to assist with the financial support of the team. It does not require any more funds but it would be great to see more projects like this developed to assist teams become self-sustaining.