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Report Date: June 23, 2021

still very involvedUpdate from BHW Philippines Partnership Facilitator

General Comments 

Rudi and Flor have retired from full-time Christian ministry but are still very active. They are still involved in the Ranao-Ranao church which they pastored, in the camp which is on their property, and in mentoring younger Christian workers.

They also advise the church planting team that is working in the nearby city of Legazpi. Their youngest son, Nataniel, is in that team and it is based around ministry to students and young professional people. 



Recently Rudi and Flor celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary. They are an inspiring couple whose legacy is still being felt in the area of their work. They are people who serve special couplebecause that is who they are. We cannot imagine they will ever retire. 



Rudi and Flor are a wonderful couple. They love God and they love people and it is a great privilege to know them and to have been a small part of their ministry. We pray God will continue to bless them and give them strength. 

BHW does not support them financially now, that finished 12 months ago, but they remain partners in that we continue to pray for them and follow them with interest.